Chinese people’s wearable devices contain seven secrets

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people pay more and more attention to their own health. There are more and more runners and fitness men and women. The rapid rise of fitness and personal education also proves the public's fitness. Great consumption potential. And the smart bracelets and watches that combine "smart" and "sports" are believed to have been used by many people.

However, the popularity of wearable devices has also been questioned.

Do these devices really meet the needs of consumers?

How much more complicated data can be used to promote the exercise habits of the public?

Is the price and appearance really the driving force for buying?

Penguin Zhikuo·True Image tries to unlock the true potential behind smart sports devices through a real exploration of the user's psychology and behavior. Here are seven truths about Chinese consumers' use of wearables:

1. What sports are more suitable for wearing smart devices? ——Bicycle

First, we focus our research on the user base that has purchased wearable devices. According to the survey, 70% of the riders are very satisfied with the smart devices they have used. People who use running and walking as their main mode of exercise also have more than 50% satisfaction with smart devices. Therefore, if you ride a bicycle often, then you may be more suitable for smart sports equipment than others.

Next, we focus on the people who have not yet purchased wearables and their buying potential. Running, practicing equipment and cycling, together, ranked among the top three most popular desires. Walking and playing, the mass sports crowd, the desire to buy wearable devices reached 46.1% and 43.6% respectively.

2. Low price and appearance are no longer the main buying drivers

Nowadays, there are many choices for smart bracelets within 100 yuan, but it is not wise to attract users with low prices. In our survey, the most common reason for “not buying” (48.2%) was “not useful in function”. It can be seen that the current wearable devices still have no value in terms of functions.

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