Cree LED Project Achievement Conference Held in Shanghai

Recently, Career held the Cree LED Project Achievement Conference in Shanghai, and introduced Cree's achievements in road lighting, indoor lighting, landscape lighting, and display screens in recent years. The project involves Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and high altitude areas in Tibet. Cree China Market General Manager Tang Guoqing, Corui China Market Deputy General Manager and Technical Director Shao Jiaping, Carey China Marketing Director Lin Tie, Shanghai Haoyu Photoelectric Co., Ltd. General Manager Huang Hao and Shanghai Pujiangqiao Tunnel East China Sea Operations Management The company's chief engineer, Tian Zhiyu, attended the project results conference. Tang Guoqing said in his speech to the guests that as the leading company in the global LED industry, Carey has been committed to promoting the transformation of LED lighting. In recent years, Career has made proud achievements in the field of LED lighting in China. He hopes to realize the application of LED lighting in a wider area as soon as possible.

In 2006, Cree introduced lighting-grade LEDs, leading the industry in terms of brightness, efficacy, lifetime, thermal performance and reliability. Since then, Cree LED device performance has made breakthroughs. In May 2011, Cree's white light power LED lab achieved 231 lmCW of light efficiency, and once again approaching the theoretical limit, it became a milestone for the entire semiconductor lighting industry. At present, 160lmCW XLamp XM-LLED products have been produced in volume. At the same time, Cree's 6-inch substrate technology will further reduce LED costs. At present, the lighting level XLampLED product series has been widely used in LED lighting projects to provide efficient, environmentally friendly green lighting.

Shanghai Donghai Bridge Lighting Renovation Project and Shenzhen 120km Expressway LED Lighting Project are key demonstration projects completed by Career for LED road lighting. At the results presentation, Huang Hao, general manager of Shanghai Sunny Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., stated that the LED lighting renovation project of Shanghai Donghai Bridge was a successful case of cooperation between the two parties. Tian Zhiyu, chief engineer of the Shanghai Pujiang Bridge Tunnel East China Sea Operations Management Co., Ltd., said: “The Donghai Bridge LED lighting transformation is a good start. We hope to see more LED lighting products applied to Shanghai's roads, bridges, tunnels, subways, shopping malls and schools. , hospitals, and units, and ultimately to millions of households. According to reports, all LED light sources of the East China Sea Bridge Project are using Cree XLampLED products, respectively, the bridge street lights, bridge pier floodlights, bridge side pole lights and small Yangshan tunnel The pilots have implemented pilot retrofits, saving over 2.4 million yuan in electricity costs annually after the renovation, and reducing annual carbon dioxide emissions by at least 2,120 tons.

In this press conference, Cree released projects including the LED lighting project results of the Bird's Nest, Water Cube, China Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo, the Shenzhen Universiade Stadium, and the People's Hall 10,000 people auditorium, as well as the Tibet Solar LED Street Light Project. The Tibet Solar LED Street Light project has created a world record of installing hundreds of sets of solar LED street lights at an altitude of 4500 meters above sea level, which has brought bright light to the ethnic minority villages in the snow-covered plateau, and has also provided LED lamps for high-altitude areas at home and abroad. The application has accumulated valuable experience.

In the display LED field, the 162 square meter outdoor full-color LED display of Shanghai People's Square is a model project with landmark significance in Shanghai. Cree join hands with domestic LED display companies to show the industry's new SMD LED outdoor display technology. height. In addition, the LED display at the entrance of the new terminal of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 is one of the important display windows in Shanghai. It provides timely and accurate traffic information for domestic and foreign travelers and highlights the features of Shanghai as an international city.

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