Do you have to wait for 51 to buy a TV? New smart TV also [thief cheap]!

Sofa hardware courier Vol.41 (2016-4-22): Do you have to wait for 51 to buy a TV? New smart TV also thief friends cheaper!

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Presumably, as in previous years, many people are waiting for the May Day shopping festival, waiting for major shopping mall promotions. Let's buy a TV if it seems like the manufacturer is giving away. In fact, the wool in the sheep body, the bright fall is an unspoken rule in the industry. Even if the TV you bought does have a big profit, but did you compare it to the new TV? Look at the configuration, screen, appearance, sound quality, etc. How much difference? Or is it about to stop producing products that are eager to sell?

Everyone wants to buy TV on May 1st. They just want to buy a good TV if the price is relatively cheap! In the last two months, there have been new television releases, which are not only configured to constantly catch up with PCs (computers), but also use screens imported from abroad. The focus is still very cheap. Therefore, people do not necessarily have to buy those "Renyi TV" on May 1st.

So this period may wish to let sofa network (http://) Xiaobian 11 to take you to see the recent new TV, really cheap to no friends!

NO.1 Millet TV 3S 48吋
(Click to see detailed parameters)

Features: original Samsung screen, all metal body only 9.9mm thick
Millet TV 3S 48 吋 only 9.9mm thick body, aluminum frame, almost negligible, which allows users to visually infinite magnification when watching. The bending rate of the brushed metal back design is less than one-fifth and the thinness and toughness are taken into consideration. The TV screen uses the original Samsung full LCD screen, built-in MACE-Pro3UC third-generation high-definition quality engine, will bring you a better picture quality experience. The viewing angle is 178 degrees, the dynamic response is 8 milliseconds, the refresh rate is 60HZ, and the energy efficiency reaches the national standard level 1 energy efficiency. The hardware uses the TV flagship processor Mstar 6A908 Cortex-A9 quad-core 1.45GHz, dual-core GPU Mali-450 MP4, 1GB DDR3 dual-channel memory, and 8GBeMMC flash memory. The strong configuration allows the TV to run smoothly. Dual-band 2.4 / 5GHz WiFi connectivity is unmatched. Advanced H.265 10bit hard decoding, Dolby, DTS audio dual decoding technology and rich hardware interface, can be experienced in both local video and online playback, unmatched audio-visual effects. The remote control fully supports Bluetooth speech somatosensory remote control. In terms of content, TVs have synchronized TV shows, popular variety shows, movie theaters, animations, children's programs, and other high-definition genuine video resources, and new resources such as other licensees from outside of GITV, and Blu-ray areas have been added. And the content is increasing every day. Of course not meet your needs, you can easily install sofa butler application market, to enrich your viewing requirements.
Xiaomi Mall Quote:Â¥1999

NO.2 Music as Super 4 X50 50吋
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Features: A + FHD LCD screen + HDR technology, can not live up to a touch of music Le super 4 X50 appearance by the multi-channel ED processing metal frame, with a thickness of 9.9mm. SGCC metal backplane uses a large area of ​​heat-dissipation aluminum to enhance TV cooling and greatly extend TV life. The screen uses an A+ class FHD screen to make the picture realistic. And equipped with HDR technology, so that the details of the dark shadows accurately restored. Each frame of image is accurately tuned to enhance the sensory experience. Hardware is equipped with Mstar 6A938 quad-core A72x2+A53x2 64-bit high-performance processor, 1.7GHz frequency. Lets you run faster and smoother, play large games without stalls, and switch apps without waiting. The 3GB DDR3 high-speed memory, 16GB of storage space not only allows TV programs to open seconds, but also in the sofa butler running a number of software programs and interfaces to each other without having to end the process, want to play anytime, anywhere to play. The new EUI system allows you to enjoy the performance enhancement at any time.
LeTV official offer:Â¥2499

NO.3 PPTV40C2 40 inches (Click for details)

Features: PP Sports, Global Events / Explosion Wonderful PPTV-40C2 TV uses a narrow frame design, slim and stylish appearance. The lower-middle V-shaped indicator is more conspicuous. After power is turned on, the red, purple, and white lights are converted to one another. The hardware is equipped with a new 64-bit intelligent processing chip to ensure fast boot in less than 20 seconds, avoiding the embarrassing situation of other brands of smart TVs for 1 minute, enabling faster processing and more powerful overall performance. . Together with 8GB of flash memory and 1GB of memory, the operation feels smoother and easier. Audio support for Dolby Digital decoding, Dbx-tv intelligent audio system can provide clearer vocal dialogue and stereo surround sound effects, can achieve cinematic sound effects. The unique PPOS operating system makes operation easier and easier to use. The PPTV-40C2 itself is supported by PPTV content. PP Sports brings football fans around the world to football matches, plus the live sports software downloaded from sofas. Let us ignite passion at home, invite friends and relatives to watch the Premier League, La Liga, the European Cup, the World Cup!
Suning Mall Price:Â¥1799

The three new smart TVs recommended by Xiao Bian in this issue are not veteran powerhouses. However, Xiaomi and LeTV have continuously expanded their own fan base in the past two years. TV sales are even the highest in the country and are worth starting. The 40-inch PPTV sports TV is more suitable for use in the bedroom and dining environment of a small living space. This price TV has not yet let you have the impulse to buy it? Xiao Bian himself is prepared to start, and finally stressed that the next 3 recommended new smart TVs can be installed on the sofa butler, allowing you to have more use options, so that you have more to watch live, on-demand, large film and television resources Let you have enough casual games to play.

Say you like it! Readers are welcome to participate in the following comments, put forward your valuable comments, and you want to know more, Xiao Bian will tailor it to your needs, you want to know hardware recommendations

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