Domestic kitchen electricity market integration exhibition advantage

Domestic kitchen electricity market integration exhibition advantage At present, there are no less than 1,000 brands in the kitchen electricity industry in China, but no real market leading brands have yet emerged. The state it presents is divided into: companies that have the ability to sell in the country, have no ability to do export business; companies that are capable of exporting do not have brands in the country. This makes it very difficult for people to buy kitchen appliances. Lu Jiebo, deputy secretary-general of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, believes that kitchen appliances are developing in the direction of integration, fashion, and high-end, and that they have great business opportunities. In the European and North American markets, kitchen appliances are of high quality and are essential household products, occupying an important position in the home industry. However, China's kitchen electrical products are still in a state of splurge, do not sell microwave oven hood, sell stoves do not do an electric oven, a kitchen down, to buy more than a dozen brands of electrical appliances, time-consuming and laborious and ugly.

Moreover, with the development of urbanization in China, the integration of more than 200 million farmers into the city in the future will certainly bring about changes in the way of life, and will also bring great room for the development of kitchen appliances. How to integrate the domestic kitchen and electric appliances market shows its overall advantages and becomes a top priority for the kitchen and electric appliance market.

At present, the domestic kitchen and electric industry needs to be integrated: First, the adjustment of the company's own product series is mainly reflected in the development of high-end products. This is very beneficial to the improvement of the profitability of the domestic kitchen and electric appliance industry and the promotion of industrial technology upgrading. The integration between enterprises is mainly reflected in the merger and reorganization of small and medium-sized enterprises by large enterprises. Currently, there are a large number of enterprises in the industry, and there are quality and safety risks in small and medium-sized brands. Industry mergers and reorganizations can purify the industry environment and promote large-scale enterprises to become bigger and stronger. .

Of course, there are also some issues that need to be addressed in the integration market. Zhao Huizhi stated that differentiation should be paid attention to by the low-end companies. In fact, there are already some high-end brands in the domestic kitchen and electric appliances industry, such as owner electronics (31.09, -0.16, -0.51%), which already have a place in the market. Therefore, the repositioning of high-end enterprises should avoid another blue ocean in the advantageous regions such as bosses and high-end brands, or achieve differentiated competition from technology or categories. Otherwise, the kitchen appliance industry in the future will continue to suffer from homogenization, vicious competition such as price wars will be inevitable, and industry profit levels will return to low levels.

In the process of integrating the market, we must not overlook the changes in consumer demand that play an important role in the development direction of the industry. As China's kitchen electricity market needs are high-end, integrated, energy-saving, and green, the kitchen electric industry should also Follow these concepts to develop. This will make the market more open. At the same time, China Kitchen Power also needs to create an international brand, participate in the international market, improve the international competitiveness of China's kitchen electricity industry, and maximize the benefits.

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