Don't know if you're suitable for makeup? This AR application can help you

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On July 25, Beijing time, the recent AR game “Pokemon GO” has driven the progress of the entire AR industry. As a result, players around the world began to find the Pokemon in the world, taking advantage of the hot AR industry. Recently, there is another AR application landing. If Pokémon GO is for most male players, then this AR application is for girls. This is a one-second girl who can make makeup without knowing. The clock becomes a gorgeous goddess, don't believe it? Continue to look down!

Make-up using augmented reality technology

Previously, a domestic augmented reality company called Chaoyu Beauty launched a product using augmented reality nail art, which is really the welfare of the majority of women. Now someone has developed an APP that uses augmented reality makeup. This app was created by the creative agency Holition and Rimmel London. It allows users to simulate makeup in the app. If you are satisfied with your makeup, Buy products directly through the APP. Currently, developers are filling in this augmented reality simulator with makeup, hairstyles, and skin care and beauty. Mary Kay's app has changed, and there are stand-alone applications YouCam Makeup and ChouChou: Virtual Hair Makeover.

ChouChou: Virtual Hair Makeover

Women are not resistant to clothes, bags, and cosmetics. Using this method to promote sales is also more attractive to women. The current augmented reality technology is also in development. There will certainly be more interesting applications in the future. We will wait for benefits to come.

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