Experts teach you how to choose mobile power

With the development of smart phones, especially the arrival of 4G, mobile power has gradually become the "standard" of mobile phones. Taking into account other products from tablets, Bluetooth headsets, notebooks and other mobile power derivatives, mobile power will become an essential product in people's lives. However, the current mobile power industry is a mixed bag, lacking national standards and supervision, causing a large number of accidents such as explosions, burning of mobile phones, forced subways, and burning on aircraft, seriously affecting consumer safety. I believe that everyone urgently needs a truly professional and simple way to choose mobile power. Wu Yin, CEO of Yineng Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., explains how to choose mobile power for everyone.

one look

Look at the brand. The quality control of large brands is generally good. Choosing a good brand is the first step in ensuring the safety and quality of mobile power.

Look at the logo: capacity, input voltage / current, output voltage / current, the number of output ports. The paper finally explains the parameters and basic common sense of mobile power.

Note: Gift mobile power must be careful, after all, is to send things, not good quality, burned mobile phone or battery explosion is no place to claim.

Second, touch

If the surface of the mobile power supply is hot and hot during charging and discharging, be careful not to use it, or ask the manufacturer to return it.

Third, listen

Take the mobile power to your ear. If you hear a click, it is best not to use it again, or ask the manufacturer to return it, otherwise it may damage the phone.

Fourth, try

Press the switch key and then repeatedly insert the phone charging port 20 times with a coin or small key. If the mobile power supply is broken, it means there is a problem with the quality of the mobile power supply. Never use it. You can ask the manufacturer to return the product.

Insert the adapter and mobile phone at the same time. If the mobile phone cannot be charged normally, the mobile power supply is defective. It is recommended not to use it.

Five, with

When you use the following test, you can see if you have purchased a mobile power supply with a virtual standard capacity or current.

1 Mobile phone charging times = (65% * mobile power nominal capacity (mAh)) / (mobile phone capacity (mAh))

For example, the mobile power source is 10400mAh, and the mobile phone capacity is 2000mAh, so it can be charged 3.38 times.

If it is not charged so many times, it is likely that the mobile power supply that is likely to be purchased is not 10400mAh, and can be returned by the manufacturer.

2 Mobile power charging time = mobile power nominal capacity (mAh) / (nominal charging current (A) * 1000)

For example, the mobile power source purchased is 1A charging current, and the mobile power source has a nominal capacity of 10400mAh, so it takes 10.4 hours to fill this mobile power source.

If the charging time is too long, either the selected adapter current is too small, or the mobile power charging current is false. The method of judging is also very simple. Using the adapter that comes standard with the phone to test the charging time can eliminate the possibility that the adapter current is too small.

3 Look at the battery indicator or LCD level display. Plug in the adapter, unplug the adapter, and plug in the phone. If the battery indicator flashes or the LCD display suddenly changes during this process, it indicates that there is a problem with the battery display. It is recommended to use it cautiously.

4 If the mobile phone is fully charged, it can automatically power off. If you find that the mobile power supply has been charging the mobile phone, it is recommended not to use it. You can ask the manufacturer to return it.

Mobile power tips

1 nominal capacity

There is a battery capacity indicator on the mobile power supply, such as 10400mAh. This represents the capacity of the battery. The larger the capacity, the more times you can charge your phone. At present, the mainstream mobile power supply has achieved 10400mAh. But some unscrupulous merchants will fill the cement block or use inferior batteries. Consumers can use the previous method to identify if there is a battery capacity imaginary.

2 charging current

The higher the charging current, the shorter the time to fill the mobile power. The general charging current is between 1A and 2A. Consumers can use the previous method to identify if the charging current is false.

3 discharge current

The larger the discharge current, the greater the current that indicates charging the phone. This is a question that many people often ask. The charging current of the mobile phone is determined by the charging current of the mobile phone itself. As long as the discharge current is greater than the rated charging current of the mobile phone, the mobile power supply can ensure that the mobile phone is charged according to the rated current. For example, the Apple mobile phone is 1A charging, and the iPad is 2.1A charging. If the mobile power discharge current is greater than 2.1A, it can guarantee the normal charging of the ipad or Apple mobile phone.

4 input voltage

The input voltage is generally identified at the same time as the charging current, indicating the voltage at which the adapter outputs the charging power to the mobile power supply. The nominal value is 5V. However, poor quality adapters can cause damage to the mobile power supply, and the peak voltage can be as high as 8V.

5 output voltage

The output voltage is generally identified at the same time as the discharge current, and the nominal value is 5V. Inferior mobile power output voltage can be as low as 4V or instantaneously as high as 12V, which often burns the phone.

6 efficiency

Efficiency affects the temperature of the mobile power source and the number of times the phone is charged. Generally, the charge and discharge efficiency requirements are higher than 90%.

7 battery type

The batteries are divided into polymer and 18650. The 18650 batteries are often exploded, which are relatively heavy, but the price is relatively cheap. Polymer cells are relatively safe and lightweight, but at a higher price. In the future, mobile power will gradually replace 18650 cells with polymer cells. Therefore, the choice of polymer cells can greatly improve the safety factor.

8 battery display mode

The power display generally has three types of LED lights, digital tubes and liquid crystal screens. The LED light display is relatively intuitive, but inaccurate; the digital tube and the LCD screen seem to be more accurate, but the current quality is still not enough, and the phenomenon that the battery power display value is suddenly inserted into the mobile phone often occurs.

In short, the most effective way is to choose a big brand product that you can trust. Ion Microelectronics provides the safest and best performing chip for mobile power. The mobile power source with "Easy Core" is a reliable mobile power source.

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