Full metal high-value micro whale youth series whales W49F detailed analysis

With the rapid development of mobile Internet today, smart phones can be regarded as essential personal items for most consumers today, but they are limited by the size of mobile phone screens. When people want to watch videos through the resources of the Internet, Naturally, the mobile phone cannot provide the best visual experience. At this time, TVs with larger screens have once again returned to the sight of consumers through the spring breeze of mobile Internet.

Nowadays, there is a television with a 9.9mm panoramic metal body and Haisi Kirin 310 processor, which has quickly attracted the attention of consumers. Many people think that products using kylin processors should belong to Huawei's products. However, this TV has nothing to do with the use of the Unicorn 310 and Huawei. However, the reality of this TV is the Micro Whale W49F.

Extreme body design

Today, smart phones are becoming lighter and thinner, and TVs are also doing so. In the past, plastic TVs that were thick and heavy and seemed to be very cheap were naturally not welcome. Microwhale TV has long realized this. In earlier products, metal bodies have been used, but this time in micro-whales. W49F We saw another breakthrough in the micro-whale.

In appearance, the micro whale W49F uses a metal body material, not only improves the temperament and grade of the overall body, the micro whale will also further reduce the thickness of the overall body to a thickness of 9.9mm, to know The thickness of today's ultra-thin smart phones is also about 8-9mm on average, and it can be said that the size of the TV whale can be reduced to 9.9mm is the best in the industry. As a result, the Micro Whale W49F not only possesses the high quality of the metal body but also is visually stunning.

On the screen, the Micro Whale W49F chose a 49-inch 1080P screen, which uses RGB three-color VA panel display more sharp, not only in terms of viewing angle also supports 178 ° of ultra-wide-angle, and also joined the PLGP technology guide The light board has a 10% increase in brightness of the screen compared to ordinary TVs. And having a good screen won’t make it a good TV, because the lifespan of a TV will be around 8-10 years, so it’s not only important to have a good screen TV, but it’s also important. Television may not necessarily focus on the performance of television, but today's smart TVs carry more internal resources and more tasks that need to be dealt with. Naturally more powerful processors are needed.

This time, the Micro Whale W49F is the first smart TV to use the Huawei Unicorn 310 processor. Its Cortex-A53 architecture design ensures the long-lasting performance of the TV while also reducing the power consumption of the TV. In other words, That is more power saving. We all know that generally Huawei will use its own processor on its own flagship mobile phone, but will not provide Hais Kirin processor. This time, it can be said that the special offer for the W 49F is a precedent.

In addition, the micro-whale W49F also made further improvements in audio. The combination of a patented wool basin unit sound + sound guide track was adopted by the micro-whale W49F to surround the sound 360-degree, which is usually available in the living room at home. For a good audio-visual experience.

Rich video resources

A good smart TV not only needs to have an ultimate body design, but also needs a very rich video resources. After I used a Xiaomi smart TV to watch some foreign movies, I found that a large part of the TV was for foreign countries. The film and television resources are all very scarce, such as Hong Kong TVB or other movies and television dramas.

However, when I was using this Whale W49F, I found that there was an exclusive column for TVB in the content, not only that some of the newer TV dramas were able to get updated in a timely manner, and not only that, but I also found it to the Tencent Video Institute. The new line of films, Mango TV's strong variety variety, the intense competition of Super League, Nick and BBC's puzzle children program, BBC documentary and other fine content support. This point made me more surprised.

Of course, the support for domestic film and television resources is also very comprehensive, such as the current young people love to watch, and the most popular joy song or lemon first class are supported for timely updates, in addition to children's programs currently children like most Children's programs such as the Thomas train can be well supported, so that when they come home from work, the family can watch the movies and TV series together to enhance the feelings of the family. In addition, if it is on the weekend, the family can also watch entertainment shows such as "China's Good Voice," "Chinese Good Song," "Outstanding Chinese," and "Great Challenge."

In addition, if you are still a fan, the Micro Whale W49F also owns the right to broadcast live Internet of the China National Team, the Chinese Super League, the World Club, and the China College Football League. This means that you can still see the CBA, Bundesliga, and Europe. The live broadcast of top events such as the Champions League.

Overall, the micro-whale W49F not only has top-level configuration comparable to the flagship mobile phone, but also has extremely rich video resources, especially in terms of resources, with the "young first TV" known in the video resources compared to the micro-whale The W49F is obviously at a disadvantage. It can be seen that the microwhale W49F not only has acquired the hearts and minds of young people but is also the first step in content.

There are good hardware and display effects, of course, with a rich content resources, the combination of software and hardware can play the greatest value of a TV. In terms of content, it is recommended to install a sofa butler - the sofa butler is a third-party app store designed specifically for smart TVs, Android box users, carefully providing television, box users with high-quality television exclusive version of the application, including with live Or on-demand video and audio and video software, various types of recreational competitive video game software and daily office entertainment management system management tools. Users of the Micro Whale W49F TV can refer to the tutorial: Micro Whale TV 49 吋 Installation Method Installation Sofa Manager Plasticity Third-party application extensions.

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