Google plans to push Quickoffice browser

Google plans to push Quickoffice browser Michael Atalla, director of product marketing for Microsoft Office 365, said: Google does not really recognize what a company needs in productivity tools, and Microsoft has the most extensive productivity software prospects, including the most basic Office tools, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Now, Google seems to be more competitive with Microsoft. There are latest news that Google plans to launch a free browser version of Quickoffice.

ReadWrite report, an anonymous source, said that Google will launch the browser version of Quickoffice's goal to target Microsoft office software users and their free Office Web Apps tools.

The current application version of Quickoffice uses the same file format as Microsoft Office, and these are also reflected in the browser version of Quickoffice. As early as last June, Google acquired Quickoffice, Quickoffice is mainly dedicated to providing office suites for mobile phones and tablets, allowing users to create and edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PPT slides on both.

ReadWrite's article also mentioned that Google plans to implant Quickoffice into Chrome via Native Client technology and provide Quickoffice office software for users of Chromebook Pixel notebooks for free.

In recent weeks, Microsoft has placed more emphasis on strengthening and improving its Web version of Office software, including adding real-time collaborative editing capabilities, supporting Android tablets, and other updates. The general analysis of the outside world, Microsoft did so in addition to realize the importance of cloud technology, Google Docs online document service also gives Microsoft a lot of sense of crisis.

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