Kaide Group's video streaming solution

As the main and passive components of video streaming, Kaidi Group has launched the best solution product lines, such as: AcTIve-Semi power supply, Etrom and Winbond Memory, ON-Semic I2C, SPI, Microwire interface EEPROM and DDP, Reset IC, SiTImeMEMS technology Oscillator full range of SMD, Viking precision resistance, micro resistance ... etc.

AcTIve-Semi (technical semiconductor company) launched AC / DC power solutions:

One of the necessary accessories for IPAD is a 5V / 2.1A adapter for charging. Most of the IPAD adapter solutions on the market are MOSFET solutions. ACT365 in the latest ACT36x series launched by Jiling Semiconductor can be used for 12W adapter applications.

The 5V / 2.1A IPAD adapter solution designed with ACT365 (see Figure -1) uses a lower cost NPN and very few control components. Compared with the MOSFET solution on the market, it greatly saves material costs and production costs.

AME (An Mao Microelectronics) launched the best solution for power management IC:

AME4210 90mW, 700mA / 1.1A / 1.5A / 2A High-Side Power Switches with Flag

1. Features:

1. Built-In N-Channel MOSFET with typically 90mW

2. Output Can Be Forced Higher Than Input (Off-State)

3.Low Supply Current: 50uA Typical at Switch On State 1uA Typical at Switch Off State

4. Input Voltage Ranges: 2V to 5.5V

5. Equal to USB SpecificaTIons

6. Open-Drain Fault Flag Output

7. Hot Plug-In Application (Soft-Start)

8. 1.7V Typical Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)

9. OCP & OTP Protection

10. Reverse Current Flow Blocking (no body diode)

Second, Pin Configuration

3. Applications Circuit:

AMOTech launched a full range of ESD / EMI solutions:

12Mm Key Switches


12mm Key Switches including Electric Key Switch, Key Lock Switch, CAM Lock , belongs to power lock.  It can save space and easily operate with the "innovation and convenience"  design concept. The whole series products are widely used in human-machine panel so it can greatly reduces the space of the control panel. Meanwhile,its shape is different from the other switches,for example Metal Switches , Automotive Switches, Push Button Switches.

Production control of 12mm On Off Key Switch: In order to provide competitive price, quality and stable delivery cycle of the whole series of 12mm power lock switches, the company has the world's advanced CNC production machine and a number of fully automated processing equipment and has successfully imported Toyota lean production system.

Electric key switches

It all adopt the One-stop operation and automated production assembly from development and design,mold manufacturing, zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting, plastic injection, stamping, lathe polishing, baking varnish, product assembly, to quality assurance inspection, etc. As a result, we have accept Japan, Europe and the United States hardware construction industry, as well as large European and American companies commissioned to undertake the manufacture of various locks and related hardware parts.

Diversification of 12MM power lock products: The whole series of power lock products have complete functions. In order to improve the safety and confidentiality of customers' using experience, we could offer customers with different keys to achieve the effect that the keys cannot open each other.

12MM Key Switches

12Mm Key Switches,Electric Key Switch,12Mm Key Lock Switch,12Mm On Off Key Switch

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