LED lighting market chaotic four types of enterprises will be eliminated

Today, with the rapid development of the economy, the application of electronic technology has become more and more popular and more and more civilian. Lighting has also moved from traditional incandescent lamps to conventional energy-saving lamps, and quickly entered the LED era.

At present, due to the relatively low capital and technology thresholds, the LED lighting industry has obvious advantages in profit margins. Coupled with the promising market prospects of LED lighting, many companies have swarmed in, causing the LED market to be chaotic and disorderly. LED lighting companies are mixed and chaotic. There are four types of companies that will eventually be eliminated.

One is speculation. In the early days of the LED industry, many people thought that the LED industry's capital and technology thresholds were low and the prospects were good. Everyone was eager to try. Some speculators who have no manufacturing experience themselves, who are thinking about making a fortune overnight, are thinking of "empty gloves and white wolves", staring at the funds and land provided by the government. In order to quickly attract investment projects, some local governments have proposed various preferential policies, and they have invisibly acted as "accomplice" to these speculators.

Second, the heart is higher than the sky. Some micro-enterprises that make traditional lighting accessories also want to turn over to be the masters in this wave of LED trends, so they "grab the opportunity, catch the tide, and become a pawn." But all along, they have been accustomed to passively accepting technology, standards, rules, and markets. Nowadays, they have to open up their own land and develop products. If they are not good at power, technology, R&D and management can't keep up with the pace of rapid advancement of the industry. The heart is higher than the sky, but I have to finally retreat to the old line, and even lose the old.

The third is the closed-door model. LED lighting requires companies to have strong technical, R&D and management capabilities, and the products they produce must match the market demand. However, in the market, some of the products produced by the enterprises do not meet the market demand, or they still hold the concept of “corruption of wine and not afraid of the alley”, which is not good or disdainful. Originally, the market was chaotic in the early stage, and everyone was standing still, establishing a market benchmark and leading the industry trend. As a result, the mall was ruthless and eventually drowned in a wave of high waves.

The fourth is that the art is bold and large. The company itself has strong capital, strong technical innovation and research and development capabilities, and has excellent quality LED products, and actively marketing, opening up the market and stabilizing. They lead the market trend, not driven by the trend or even drowning, they are the future of the LED industry.

When the raging tide recedes, I know who is swimming naked. When the LED industry is mature and returning to rationality, it is only known who is speculating, who has more than enough power, who is stupid and other markets, who is standing in the forefront... natural selection, survival of the fittest, reshuffle in the industry Inevitably today, may you not be the one who is "washed out".

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