LeTV box is back! Will release new box U3 Continental Edition

It is nearly 2 years since the latest New C1S box was released by LeEco, and the C1S box has also been in a state of no-sale. In this time, the domestic market of LeTV box is basically blank. Today Xiao Bian received the latest news. The new box product - LeTV Box U3 Continental Edition is coming soon. Why is U3 Continental Edition? In fact, around October 2015, LeTV U3 (US version) was already available for sale in the United States.

LeTV U3 U.S. version (pictured)
LeTV U3 uses a square design with a matt black appearance. Part of the corner is the power blue breathing light, the side is the USB interface and SD card reader port, it is worth noting that, as the music box U3 with the remote control music as the super remote 3, the current price of a single remote control will be the official 199 yuan, visible music box U3 main should be in the high-end market.

LeTV U3 box open plan rewards:

LeTV U3 configuration and price:

LeTV U3 Continental Edition Exposure Chart

In terms of configuration, LeTV U3 US version uses the Cortex A9 2.0GHz processor with Amlogic S812 chip architecture, GPU Mali450 MP6, 2G DDR3 memory, 4G flash memory, 4K resolution, 3D, support for H.265, and H.264 4K. @30fps decoding, the overall configuration of the box is at medium to high levels.

Currently LeTV U3 US version is priced at 79.9 US dollars, about 500 yuan, according to the domestic pricing strategy, shafa Xiaobian estimated music box U3 price will be 499 yuan.

Content and UI:

According to the exposure information, LeTV U3 Continental will carry the content of the CIBN license. In conjunction with LeSonic's own mass content, it will further enhance the competitiveness of U3. Of course, if you want to get more quality content, you can also install a sofa. Stewards download to get. UI is no doubt equipped with music as the latest LetvUI system, simple interface, convenient and comfortable operation, but also by the user's favorite.


The launch of LeTV U3 Continental Edition not only fills up the gap in LeTV's box market, but also may become one of LETV's LEO version box products (Les Leo's version box refers to the LeTV operator's box). The time-to-market is expected to be Around the end of April.

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