Lin Jiliang: Creating brand viscosity through cooperation

On June 10th, at the "Channel Revolution" of the "10th High-tech LED Industry Summit Forum" held in Guangzhou, Philips Lumileds Asia Market Director Zhou Xuejun, Sanxiong Aurora Lighting Chairman Zhang Yutao, Jiamei Times Lighting General Manager Zhou Shuiming, general manager of Jilin Linlin Lighting Division, and Xiao Xiaohong, assistant to the chairman of Jiangsu Guanghui Lighting Market, and other guests expressed their views on the construction of lighting channels, and launched a heated discussion, which attracted the attention of many leaders of participating companies. .

Lin Jili, general manager of the Mulinsen Lighting Division, said that Mu Linsen started the first wave of roadshows in nine cities in China last April. At the end of last year, the company built 22 first-class agents, and as of the end of May this year, there were a total of 49 direct-purchasing agents in China.

Lin Jiliang said that Mulinsen will insist on doing light sources, and as the quality of products improves, the market is constantly making up. Many manufacturers have no way to make products cheap and good. The strategy of Mulinsen products and channels is to allow customers to create a certain brand viscosity through cooperation with Mulinsen, and to recognize the performance services of all aspects of the product, which will naturally follow the company.

In response to the current hot e-commerce channel, Lin Jiliang believes that e-commerce customers have sufficient information, whether it is price, specifications, company brand, customers can rationally compare. E-commerce allows consumers to be more rational, what kind of products he needs.

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