Listen to the ring? More than one sound - AKG Love Technology Y50BT uses six months of experience

Reasons to purchase

In fact, the earliest time, for the Bluetooth headset, I refused, on the one hand feel that this is a bit higher than the average price is not worth the price, on the other hand, the sound quality does not want to compromise (although the usual songs are not too good The sound quality, but there is always an uncomfortable taste.)

However, this feeling was not so serious, and Bluetooth technology is also developing. The most important thing is that the sound is actually less stressful. The key to the headset is not how many details can be heard, how big the sound field can be, how gorgeous it is on the senses, as long as you listen to it comfortably, what about the sound quality of him? There is also a very critical place, usually lying in bed watching movies anime or something, the headset cable too much trouble ......

Well, I admit that the last point is the most critical. But anyway, wireless devices are a trend.

First of all, according to the requirements, the first target is locked on the Bluetooth headset. The tucked-in type is too tired, and battery life is also a problem. Most of the sound field is not as wide as the one wearing. It is uncomfortable to watch movies. Headset options are also quite a few

The most disliked living in the bedroom is a noisy environment, so noise reduction is one of the needs, bose is good, but no silver is enough.

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Then he saw the FIIL of Wang Banbi, and it was pretty good to see the evaluation sound quality and so on. It was only a pity that FIIL was releasing the second generation at the time when I bought it. The generation could only buy goods from Taobao, and the price was high, but no consideration was given. . (But now it is down, it is said that sound quality and so on are still good, interested friends can try it)

FIIL Diva Head-mounted Wireless Noise Cancelling Headset Black Stone Intelligent Noise Cancelling Smart Start/Stop Smart Voice Search Song Slide Touch Wear Comfort 949 yuan FIIL DIVA officially debuted, the overall design of the headset still continues the previous product style, appearance and previous generation products Basically the same, only a small circle, from ear to ear pressure design, portability is even better. The main function of the headset is still noise reduction. Through feed forward + feedback noise reduction technology, it can eliminate up to 96% of the low frequency noise, and has MAF (My AudioFiilter) intelligent noise reduction patented technology, has opened the Jingdong direct link to view encyclopedia

After that, I took a look at the evaluation of my mother’s family.

This Is True Music! Headset or AKG's good: AKG love technology Y50BT Bluetooth portable headset simple test AKG love technology Y50BT headset Bluetooth version of the headset unionKG love technology Y50BT headset Bluetooth headset headset union000 View encyclopedia details handheld 701 and Sen Hai hd598 (previously used 530 And 550)...cailiang99a| Likes9 Comments56 Favorites32 View Details

# # Sun first site to facilitate travel - AKG love Technology Y50BT Bluetooth headset is getting cold this winter, it's time to look at the protection of the ears, while thick clothes, the limitations of a wired headset is relatively large. In addition to getting on and off the car will often sit to the headphone line, and then hard to pull it really feel bad, on the subway by numerous times linked to the headphone catapult! After a bit of pain, it's still a good idea to start a Bluetooth headset (in fact, just want to buy it). Some people actually want to ask, your 1RBT is not quite good, in fact, my excuse is too serious, too, and yzkyzk | Like 40 Comments 43 Favorite 106View Details

Feel the heart instantly...

Before you buy, you have to look at it. You can only go global in Jingdong, and you have to go straight to the owner's home.

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At that time, the store I bought seemed to be off the shelf. I found a similar one. Let's take a look.

Love Technology Y50_ Taobao search direct link

By the way, the friend of the United States, it seems that there is not much difference between the price of the price there and the horse owner's home, so the order is placed directly.

Appearance Gallery

The picture does not put too much here, and it took half a year and it is a bit old. Want to see the box and the appearance of the details of the friends can go to the front of the link to see the other two original dalao

experience feelings

The headset itself is quite good, and it can be folded down to a more portable size. Both sides of the head beam can be retracted to adjust the size. Each block has about 4mm, 10 blocks on one side, and the total length of the head beam is 8cm. I believe no one can use 8cm.

However, AKG's old problems still exist. The millennium constant headband design, the hard hair basically runs out, and it will sink in the middle. However, because it is a portable music headset, the head beam cannot naturally be designed to be very wide, and this point can be understood.

The top of the head beam is a metal material, it should be aluminum alloy, tough and not soft, should not worry about the problem will break. The lower layer is covered with a layer of artificial leather, which feels soft and feels very comfortable. The earmuffs are the same material, but the sponges inside are thicker, and the feeling of wearing them is more close to the ears without feeling any pressure.

The earphone uses a closed design. The outer layer of the earmuffs is a metal material. It should be a piece of aluminum alloy cut out, a layer of matt paint and a layer of very light AKG (at least I The black version is so light, other colors seem more conspicuous

AKG's counterweight does a good job, the two sides do not feel what the weight of the ears is different, look at the location of the button and the interface should be placed on the side of the battery side of the circuit board

The inside of each earmuff is clearly marked with white. It should be that there is no question of mistakenly wearing it.

The appearance is basically the same, let's take a look at the function of the headset.

Support Bluetooth and wired two connection methods, Bluetooth support to 4.0, and support aptX audio transmission (listening will not be smaller, rest assured), use the supported device link to get better sound effects (although not good Where to go). At the same time Bluetooth can connect two devices at the same time, with mic, can be used as a recording device in the Bluetooth connection, recording sound quality is generally like, mainly to call. Bluetooth headset support control, answer hang up calls, pause music, cut songs, increase the volume down. The box comes with a 120cm audio cable (unbalanced cable), one is 3.5mm plugged into the device, and the other is 2.5mm plugged in the headset. However, wired connection does not support the use of mic for headphones and headphones, and only audio cables with remote control can be used. At the same time as the wired connection as long as the headset is inserted, the headset will automatically shut down and can not be opened. Charging is using a micro USB interface, the official instructions are 4 hours full, full power can be used for 20 hours, after the actual measurement results are almost. In the Bluetooth mode, it also supports the paired device to check the power level. After the miui pairing I use successfully, the notification bar will show the Bluetooth headset power level flag.

(Ignore that piece of white thing, that is I posted to facilitate NFC pairing Bluetooth)

Soundproofing is very good, because it is a closed design, wearing a headset can be quite a lot, especially for the high-frequency sound can have a very good reduction effect, but the bass is not a good isolation. If it is often to want to mute or recommend bose active noise reduction, then it is called a quiet

The headphone still has to talk about sound quality, there are some differences in sound quality in Bluetooth mode and wired mode. Bluetooth mode sound is not so powerful, it should be caused by the lack of sufficient circuit amplification, wireless connection in the bottom noise is not large, the basic situation can not smell. Listening to the sound is more concentrated, in the wireless mode, the intermediate frequency is more obvious, the low frequency is not very good (especially after the comparison with the wired mode), it feels very suitable for listening to pop and vocal, which touches the appearance of this headset.

After inserting the line, the headset is very different, first is the thrust in place, even if the direct push with a mobile phone, but also a lot better than the Bluetooth mode, especially the bass, can feel that the following Bluetooth mode is not the sound unit can not be done It is purely because the headphones' own circuit cannot be played. Compared with the bass sense of Bluetooth mode, there is a solid taste of boxing and meat in the wired mode, and the treble has a certain degree of enhancement. It can be said that the overall sound range has become wider.

Basic headphones do not leak sound, everyday use about 20cm or so apart from the back can not hear what the headphones are put, of course, can not hear what is said outside, just to see the appearance of headphones suitable for street, but the sound insulation effect is too good for Personal safety is also a problem.

to sum up

Basically that's it, from various ways, are worthy of this price, especially the appearance, not just black and white as well as blue pink yellow color, it is suitable as a fashion mix together. After the earmuffs are partially worn, they will look thicker and thicker, and people with wide faces (such as me) will appear wider (yes, it is me)...

Of course, nothing to do at home as a background music headset is also possible, even after the computer's own mic can also support a part of the call needs. However, it is not very suitable for playing games under wireless conditions. The delay of Bluetooth audio is very obvious, especially for FPS games that watch the voice of the Pioneer Pioneer, which is very time-sensitive, and often you just heard the footsteps, and you have already been Killed (don't ask me how to know). It is recommended to play the game plug in the line to play


The appearance of fashion, sound quality is more satisfied with the price, support wired and wireless dual mode, wireless use of a long time


In the self-contained wireless mode, the thrust is obviously insufficient, and the full strength of the starting unit cannot be used. The higher Bluetooth latency is not suitable for use in the game (though this point is also less than AKG's head), the head beam is narrow, and the long-term use of hair style is not guaranteed.

The basic situation is like this, everyone dadao who smashed the silver coins, don't keep any silver, and come to me.

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