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I am proud of buying tails

Different types of consumers have different requirements for mobile phones. Like business people, safety and stability are the greatest requirements, and battery power is enough. As for the UI, it is based on Huawei's design level in recent years. And thinking of me as a poor student, starting from Android 2.2's ZTE N600, it's been 6.0 tons of sugar.

For the "elderly generation" of electronic enthusiasts, the fluency of mobile phones is the life, from the moment the screen is pressed to the screen lighting time, it is best not to exceed 1s. As for what kind of cloud service, such as nut cloud Baidu cloud automatically sync plug-in, xposed to use like, young and others toss, in short - at that time we are custom-made Andorid ROM is disdain.

For a person who takes a cabbage every day, it is unrealistic for me to spend 4,000 yuan to buy a mobile phone. There is a saying how to say, with the hearts of rich people, not the lives of rich people. So, I'm a person who loves to be cheap. When I was a student, my mobile phones were all made from Taobao. I've seen my moto x 2013 (2015), moto x floating across the ocean from the United States. 2014 (2016). Of course, second-hand shopping, iPhone 5s and NAS are all scouring.

Recently, the family just needed to buy a mobile phone. There was no demand, just use it, call, send a WeChat, and let me give you a suggestion. In view of my consistent "stick to the best" approach, I naturally look at devices that have been on the market for a while. If it is me, I will not hesitate to consider the Moto X Force, or Nexus 6, without him, fast charge + Nisshin + Moto God optimization + native Android and unlocked BL + niche brands low price, Force official price 5288, but on the Taobao 2000 yuan you can get a 99 US version of the new unlock BL. However, for the elderly, buying native Android is a pit, so I turned my attention to the Moto that can brush MIUI, and found that the force did not support mobile 4G, and sadly gave up.

Get started!

Just at this time, JD.com has promotional activities for Xiaomi Note. By the way, using white bars -30 and using coupons -50, it is probably around 1100. For a device to be listed at the beginning of the 15th, this price is OK. But the next step is - the amount of time to get started.

When I got Note packed in yellow-yellow pulp, to be honest, I was very excited. Tearing the plastic film and opening the box, I first checked the lower accessory. The consistent millet style of the data line is packed in a matte plastic bag. Apart from a few instructions and card pins, as well as a fast filling head, nothing else.

Tear-off front and back film and camera protection film, pure black glass panel looks good under the halo, the front 2.5D glass curvature is too small, there is no Moto X 2014 bead round Yurun's look and feel, the camera is difficult to show , The back cover of the 3D glass looked pretty good, very delicate. However, there are also disadvantages, cutting the hand is one of them, may be surface coated with skin-like materials, the perception is not very thorough, always a little misty feeling of watching the sand.

Tucao mode is on

Software articles

From the moment the power button was turned on, the dream brought to me was shattered. Millet Note based on Android4.4.4 MIUI 6 After completing the mill account from the completion of Wifi settings, Caton and the heat never let me once again have a good impression on it - of course, boot may have cloud synchronization and the like, accounting for The background can be understood, but it is understood that the poor user experience is true. Two systems were upgraded, the first being MIUI7 4.4, the second MIUI7 6.0, even on the first day, even if the upgrade of the 6 Note, when the clock interface switch tab or a small Caton The same is true when opening WeChat or QQ.

Android's ringtone management mechanism crashes me - what is the ghost and vibration in the notification? If you accidentally touch the volume button, you automatically switch the ring pattern. In this regard, it seems that one plus is not bad.

MIUI changed the notification mode to awesome, weakening the original important notification bar, and then notified the use of the icon's marker reminder to solve the notification problem of the large-screen mobile phone.

In the software that comes with the system, video and music do a very good job. Various system-level software such as security center and traffic monitoring and notification management are better than native Android. However, advertising can be turned off. But whenever I look at the Raiders under my account and play Raiders, I feel that I can't stand this way.

Hardware articles

I blew it on the hardware, and then took a small sting. First of all, the power key does not have a long keystroke, and the press feels soft, and there is no sense of negligence on the iPhone 4, 5s, and moto x 2013 and 2014. Of course, the screen opening speed is far less than these devices, but compared Meizu is more than enough, especially PRO 6.

For me who used to use a small screen, the one-handed operation brought by the big screen made me most collapse. Even if there is a small dot and a one-handed mode, this is still a temporary solution, although it may be like TRACKPOINT is as good as a notebook is the best design under the current platform.

to sum up

Of course, this comparison is very harsh for Xiaomi, especially for a device that has approached the price of 1,000 yuan and has excellent workmanship. It is also a kind of nitpicking. However, the consumer-grade mobile phone market is already a Red Sea. To survive here and try to meet the needs of users is something that manufacturers should keep in mind. In fact, for an Andorid device, it is difficult to balance the content service, hardware flow, and advertising revenue, especially for a vendor with a very large sales volume and a diversified user base. This is even more difficult. In the next few days, I gradually accepted the Android setting and gradually accepted the phone. After a period of use, the fluency problem can be basically solved. However, such problems as the camera's framefinder and the paint-out of the metal may only be limited by the price and the cost.

In general, Xiaomi's Note, with the help of MIUI's rich functions and content services, gives ordinary users a good experience. This is to be sure. Second, the appearance of Xiaomi Note is not mediocre, very fine, this is a plus item. In the end, 1199 yuan, you have to pick up your bike...

So, I would recommend this mobile phone for free and easy use. Although the 801's performance is not very good, for the 810 in 2016, but the total experience, if you do not play the game, the daily application can still be Easy to deal with. However, there is no fingerprint, to see everyone like it...

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