Microsoft's in-vehicle system will integrate Xiaona's driver to give orders to the car with voice

Microsoft first announced the concept of Windows in the Car in-vehicle system at the Build Developers Conference last year. Although the demo included the ability to project a phone screen onto a car-friendly touch screen, there is no mention of the ability to interact with the system only through voice.

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Windows in the Car

Windows in the Car has integrated Microsoft Cortana voice assistant. Today, Microsoft’s Asia Pacific R&D Group’s chief operating officer, Shen Yuanqing’s TechDays conference, said the company has developed a concept product that will project Cortana onto the windshield of a car. The integration of Cortana allows drivers to book in the restaurant through the windshield and view their favorite locations with virtual maps. "Taipei Times" quoted Shen Yuanqing as saying that "We have not launched similar products due to high cost, but we hope to continue to negotiate with partners in Taiwan to jointly explore the possibility of the future."

Obviously, the Microsoft automotive project has made progress in the past year, but Microsoft has not integrated Windows 10 into the in-vehicle system. In the past few years, Microsoft has been providing technology for a variety of in-car entertainment systems. Ford, Kia, BMW, Nissan and Fiat have developed their own interfaces and systems using a special version of Windows. Unfortunately, Microsoft has customized the software for each car manufacturer, so there is no standard. If Microsoft turns its concept products into tangible products, Windows in the Car will become an in-vehicle system comparable to Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto.

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