Millet TV 3S 65-inch parameter configuration introduction

On September 27th, Xiaomi's autumn launch launched three new smart TV products, namely, Xiaomi TV 3S 65-inch, Xiaomi TV 3S 65-inch home theater, and Millet TV 3S 55-inch. Xiaomi TV 3S series TV is positioned in the black of art. Technology smart TV products. Millet TV 3S 65 inches, OK? how about it? This is the most urgent issue for users today.

Millet TV 3S 65 inches is the flagship of millet's main push, the official price is only 4999 yuan. Such a screen size and such a sales price can be said to be a cost-effective product. The detailed description of the configuration of the millet TV 3S 65-inch is explained below, and the operating performance of the product is analyzed.

Millet TV 3S 65 inches

Millet TV 3S 65 inches product features: metal fuselage, Amlogic 64-bit flagship processor, iQIYI, Youku, Tencent content giant, artificial intelligence TV system "PatchWall puzzle wall."

Millet TV 3S 65 inches
Millet TV 3S 65-inch aluminum frame + champagne gold diamond thin body design, the frame is as thin as 9.9mm. Aluminum frame with two-color anodizing process + dual 45 ° diamond cutting lines, metal back drawing with metal wire drawing effect, beautiful and elegant, so that millet TV 3S 65 inches whether it is a front or back is a beautiful scenery.

In the hardware configuration, Xiaomi TV 3S 65-inch Amlogic 64-bit flagship processor, 4K 60fps H.265 hardware decoding, 2GB memory + 8GB high-speed flash memory.

Good quality with good sound quality is the best viewing experience! The screen also uses a fifth-generation image engine + high dynamic range HDR and other display technologies, providing exceptional image quality at your fingertips. The sound quality uses a new design of independent audio, built-in 4 custom speakers, high school and low frequency full coverage. , standard high quality custom speaker array, with Dolby, DTS dual hardware decoding, sound is very good.

Millet TV 3S 65 inches
Millet TV 3S 65 inches in content, have joined the iQIYI, Youku, Tencent content giants, the contents of a sudden increase of 180%, while pre-installed Tencent video full copyright content. In the first half of 2016, the TOP10 ratings for film and television variety shows will be fully covered. The Olympics, the European Cup and other major international sporting events will all have millet TVs.

And, millet TV 3S 65 inches also equipped with a professional-grade KTV system, provided by Lei Shi KTV synchronized updated genuine MV library, with 599 yuan of professional wireless karaoke OK set, open a music party at home can easily be achieved.

Millet TV 3S 65 inches
Millet TV 3S 65-inch uses the first artificial intelligence TV system "PatchWall puzzle wall." It can continuously learn the habits of you and your family members, and classify the content of movies and television with 440,000 videos and more than 2 million comments. PatchWall puzzle wall, continuous waterfall flow and magazine-style beautiful layout, more intelligent precision recommendation function, understand the content better understand you.

Millet television 3S series of products how much money? Millet TV 3S 65 inches, priced at 4999 yuan. Millet TV 3S 65-inch home theater version, priced at 5999 yuan. Millet TV 3S 55 inches, priced at 3499 yuan. Millet TV 3S series products have been listed, and interested users can pay attention to sales of Xiaomi Mall.

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