Mouser launches Maxim control and automation solution knowledge base online

September 30, 2013- Mouser Electronics and Maxim Integrated collaborate to build a rich knowledge base of control and automation solutions, providing the latest product options for the four major areas of industrial system design-sensors, motor control, PLC and HVAC type. The Mouser Solutions website provides functional block diagrams, recommended parts lists, and videos to help engineers meet unique challenges in industrial and automation design. It is a rare tool for design engineers seeking to integrate Maxim products and their controls with automation design.

Maxim recently released the MAX14571 / 72/73 adjustable overvoltage and overcurrent protectors, providing highly integrated solutions up to 40V and 4.2A. Mouser now stocks these ICs, which are ideal for protecting industrial equipment systems from input voltage failures.

Mouser has a rich product line and excellent customer service capabilities, to meet the needs of design engineers and procurement personnel by providing the latest generation of advanced technology products. Mouser provides the latest components with the most advanced technology for customers' latest design projects through 20 customer support centers worldwide. The Mouser Electronics website is updated daily. Users can find more than 10 million products and find more than 4 million orderable material numbers for easy online purchases. has the industry ’s first interactive catalog, data sheet, vendor-specific reference designs, application notes, technical design information, and engineering tools.

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