Multi-touch mobile phone analysis

Multi-touch mobile phone

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Multi-touch is a system that can respond to operators' multiple operations on the screen at the same time. Multi-touch mobile phones are divided into capacitive and resistive models. Capacitive screen phones represented by iphone can be multi-touch, but capacitive. The mobile phone is greatly affected by temperature and drift has occurred. Resistive screen mobile phone represented by N97, the screen can only confirm the touch of the operator at one point, and the iphone is more than 3 points.

Multi-touch definition

A traditional touch screen can only judge one touch point at a time. If more than two points are touched at the same time, the correct response cannot be made, or the reaction is confusing. The task of multi-touch can be decomposed into two aspects: one is to collect multi-point signals at the same time, and the other is to judge the meaning of each signal, which is called gesture recognition.

Multi-touch application

If you've used iphone, you'll know that multi-touch is a very useful thing: when you browse a web page, you often have to zoom in on a certain area to see it clearly. It is also very useful when viewing images. Of course, without this function, humans are the same to adapt and achieve their own purposes, just like a mobile phone without touch function, or still go online, of course, the simplicity and comfort are not the same. This is the same as eating meat and eating vegetables.

Many people think that multi-touch is limited to zooming in and out. In fact, zooming in and out is just one of the practical examples of multi-touch. With multi-touch technology, how to apply it can be expanded infinitely through unlimited imagination. Programmers can apply multi-touch to many aspects, to some extent change or innovate more ways of operation. A typical application is to play the piano on hard glass. If you turn your phone screen into a key, then the little girl is still very interesting. Another typical example is the PS emulator on an Apple phone that uses a multi-touch technology to enable simultaneous input of direction keys and other buttons.

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