New fast charging standards for electric vehicles announced next week

According to foreign media reports, the world's eight major car companies will launch new fast charging technology standards in May. The combined charging system (Combined Charging System) plug developed by the International Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) can quickly carry out any vehicle with an input device. DC charging.

Eight major auto companies including Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, GM, Porsche and Volkswagen will introduce new fast charging standards, which will be widely supported by electric vehicles in Europe and the United States in the future.

The standard aims to unify the charger standards of all countries and all vehicle models, thereby reducing the complexity of charging equipment and reducing maintenance costs. For most cars, the fast charging time only takes 15-20 minutes. For fast DC charging, the plug of the joint charging system can also perform single-phase AC charging, fast three-phase AC charging and household DC charging.

At present, many electric car owners will encounter a problem. For example, Nissan and the Mitsubishi i are not compatible. Japanese cars use the CHAdeMO system charging standard. CHAdeMO uses different plugs and different charging structures. Will Japan use SAE in the future? The standard is still difficult to determine.

The new "integrated charger" will come out at the end of 2012, and will be on the market in 2013. The manufacturer will showcase the product at the World Conference on Pure Electric Vehicles, Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Fuel Cell Vehicles (EVS26) held on May 6-9.

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