New smart watch: use swing tilt control

The research team of Carnegie Mellon University has developed a new smart watch. Unlike traditional smart watches that rely on touch input, this product is controlled by hand movements such as swing and tilt. The touch screen may be the most perfect input method for mobile phones, but when the screen is reduced to the size of a smart watch, suddenly it looks less elegant and concise. For this reason, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a new smart watch prototype product, which does not rely on touch input, but is controlled by actions such as swing and tilt.

Chris, a member of the project development team and an assistant professor of human-computer interaction at Carnegie Mellon University? Chris Harrison said that smart watches promise to bring great convenience to commonly used tasks such as communication and information retrieval. Because they wear a conspicuous position on the wrist, the size must be small, otherwise it will appear awkward, limiting the complexity of the interactive tasks we can perform. If the smart watch relies on touch screen input, this problem is particularly prominent because the display screen will be small and our fingers are relatively thick.

The solution proposed by Carnegie Mellon University researchers is that the smart watch is controlled by a series of mechanical actions, such as shaking, rotating, tilting, and tapping, and it is also equipped with a rocker sensor with multiple degrees of freedom. All these actions can be done by fingers.

The research team has also developed a number of applications to display various functions of the user interface. For example, as long as you rotate the joystick sensor, you can search and zoom the map application, and you can set the alarm by rotating the dial. Tapping can be used as a selection method similar to clicking the mouse.

The user interface of this smart watch has multiple uses, and it can even be used to control a ported version of the first-person shooter "Doom". The future version of the product can also integrate yaw, pitch, roll and other actions, and can even perform tasks in combination with existing input methods (such as touch and voice).

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