NFC: Remote control of the real world

At the 2012 London Olympics, Google (microblogging) and Coca-Cola's NFC vending machine may appear in this Olympics. Consumers only need to use the Android system installed mobile phone and the vending machine to sense the purchase Coca-Cola products. At the end of 2010, the British "Doctorate" magazine released the first NFC bus shelter in the UK. You can watch the trailer of the movie by swiping your mobile phone. Similar to the outdoor release, consumers can receive some information and watch short trailers by swiping their phones. In China, Focus Media (Weibo) has also seized the opportunity of NFC, and installed NFC card reader Q cards on building screens in major cities in China. It is reported that there are currently more than 1 million registered Q card users. The average interaction rate is comparable to other outdoor interactive technologies.

"2012 is a year of close-range wireless communication technology towards large-scale application. There will be more and more devices in more and more markets around the world, with NFC configuration, which makes the real world like the network world. Click to trade. "Karen Media Managing Director Ban Mianen said.

NFC is on the rise

NFC is a short-range wireless communication technology, that is, a short-range wireless technology with a transmission range of less than 4 centimeters. As long as the mobile device is used, the transaction data can be transmitted with a single tap.

In contrast, although Bluetooth is one of the very early technologies that can interact with consumer mobile devices in real time, the cost is relatively high, the security is weak, and the connection time is relatively long; and the QR code may also be It is a main way to connect mobile phones with outdoor media in the future, but lacks a unified standard; although WiFi still plays a very important role in the transmission of mobile phone content, connecting in a specific way may be time-consuming and laborious for outdoor consumers .

In contrast, connecting via NFC is very convenient, just like clicking a button on the Internet, swiping the phone at the card reader, the information will be instantly transmitted to the phone, and you can receive the information from time to time. "This kind of behavior will become more and more common, and NFC will become the only choice for outdoor transmission using mobile phones." Ban Mianen said.

At present, there are 4.4 million NFC mobile phones in the world, and some analysts predict that one-fifth of the newly-produced mobile phones will be equipped with NFC function by 2014. NFC technology supports a variety of applications, including mobile payment and transactions, peer-to-peer communication, and mobile information access. Through NFC mobile phones, people can connect with the entertainment services and transactions they want to get at any place, any time, through any device, so as to complete the payment and obtain poster information. NFC devices can be used as contactless smart cards, smart card reader terminals, and device-to-device data transmission links. Their applications can be divided into the following four basic types: for payment and ticket purchase, for electronic tickets, Used for intelligent media and for exchanging and transmitting data.

Although Apple still has a wait-and-see attitude towards NFC technology, they have applied for a patent to use NFC, while domestic mobile phone companies and other international brands are more optimistic. It is reported that Samsung (Weibo), LG, HTC ( (Weibo), Nokia (Weibo), Huawei (Weibo), and ZTE have begun to produce NFC-standard mobile phones.

Ban Mianen said that many analysts and consumers hope that Iphone5 can be configured with NFC functions, although Apple may release their exclusive technology developed before, millions of consumer accounts can be connected to credit cards, this may be affected An uncertain factor in the future global application of NFC.

Get content and transactions

In fact, in the near future, NFC technology will appear in many consumer places such as buses, gas stations, subways, parking lots, convenience stores, restaurants, supermarkets, movie theaters, campuses, taxis, etc., which can provide more for businesses People ’s business information dissemination services, people can get coupons, content, game downloads, etc. with a simple touch, and even get involved in the trading of goods.

From the perspective of marketing communications, the brand's first use of a new technology will actually leave a more positive impression on consumers. Consumers using NFC brands have a completely new understanding of this brand, which seems to represent a market The status of the leader.

In Ban Mian'en's view, in large-scale sports events and music events, the way to sell tickets through the ticketing point is outdated. Instead, it is in the form of electronic tickets, which are sent to the ticket purchasers by SMS, and then used NFC. Scan the ticket to provide consumers with a terminal-to-terminal mobile phone ticket purchase and verification system. "The P2P model will allow NFC mobile phones and users to transfer information and content to each other and pay directly."

After the NFC is connected to the credit card, it can be purchased, stored, and checked through the NFC mobile phone, and these functions can be realized one by one. One of the most popular areas in China is the application of NFC in the field of transportation, such as the card of the bus system. The application of NFC can also be easily extended to other fields, such as hotels and restaurants.

For the rapid purchase of digital transmission products, it will become more and more popular to use a mobile phone as a wallet to quickly acquire goods. Vending machines are now a very obvious example. Some companies have begun to try abroad. For example, Google and Coca-Cola will be in London. The cooperation at the Olympic Games introduced Coca-Cola vending machines. In this way, NFC will realize US $ 235 billion in mobile commerce in 2014, which will account for 37% of all mobile commerce, and most of it will be realized outdoors.

Of course, due to the security and profit sharing issues of mobile payment, it will still take time for NFC to become popular in China.

PayPal's latest Android NFC product can realize the transaction function. First, the transaction initiator sends an invitation to pay (which can be expenditure or income) on the main screen of the Android mobile phone. Then, the mobile phone senses the sensor area and the transaction is completed. Has been transferred from the buyer's Paypal account to the seller's Paypal account. At present, this technology has not yet been applied in China, and it is estimated that it will not appear in China until 2014 as soon as possible.

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