Not afraid to fall? Apple applies for patented technology for soft OLED screens

The soft curved OLED screen of the LG G Flex series is quite special, but there have been rumors that LG is likely to launch the G Flex series of successor models, and the mobile OLED screen may be the perfect sound. However, LG does not play soft OLED screens and does not mean that other mobile phone manufacturers are not interested. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple has obtained as many as 54 new patents, one of which is a soft OLED screen technology. It may be applied to iPhone or other Apple products in the future.

The patent, called "Flexible Electronic Devices," covers a wide range of applications, including cell phone cases, internal parts, and flexible OLED screen electronics. The patented content includes the use of sensor recording devices to react differently in different forms, such as bending the screen to activate different modes, which can be used as a game control method, or as a special or power-on or turn-off special Action instruction. In addition, the patent document also pointed out that this patented soft OLED screen technology also has the advantage of being able to absorb shocks and reduce damage caused by impact.

Although it is still uncertain whether Apple will use this patented technology on those devices in the future, it has been rumored in the market that Apple will launch an iPhone with OLED screen in 2018, and Apple has obtained patents related to OLED screens at this timing. It also seems to increase the credibility of this rumor a bit.

Finally, a digression, Xiao Bian first saw the patent image of the soft OLED screen technology above, the thought that was immediately thought of is the translation of Doraemon (or translated as rice cake, translation rice cake) This prop, I don't know if everyone will have a similar association.

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