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Dear readers and friends Hello, everyone - The exciting weekend is coming. On the last day of the working week this week, the sofa butler brings you this week's Smart TV industry news top10. Let's take a look at what happened.

No.1: Save 1 billion! Le Sports or Abandoned Super Shooting, Suning's intention to enter the game is strong

The recent opening of the Super League in the new season has been getting closer, but the live broadcast platform for the new season has remained unresolved. Just a year ago, LeTV Sports won the exclusive new media copyright of China Super League for two seasons with 2.7 billion RMB. In just one year, everything has changed. Although several parties have not signed the agreement in the end, it seems that LeTV has given up its rights to play alone and Suning’s PPTV Juli Sports has entered the game with a strong consensus.

Sofa Comments: If LeTV Sports abandon the super-single-play rights, it will save more than 1 billion in funds, can increase investment in other events, from the fans point of view, control who he is the right to play, I It is most important to look at comfort.

No.2: 4K Panels Appeal 2016 Worldwide Sales of 63 Million Pieces

According to survey agencies, the global television panel has become increasingly large, and 4K TV panels have experienced rapid growth year after year. In 2016, global shipments of 4K LCD TV panels reached 63.74 million, an increase of 70%, and the penetration rate increased to 24.7. %. It is expected that the annual shipment of 4K TV panels in 2017 is expected to reach 78 million, and the penetration rate will increase to more than 30%. From the size point of view, large-size panels are still the main force in the 4K panel market. In the large-size market of over 55 years in 2016, the penetration rate of 4K panels reached 78%, becoming the absolute mainstream of the market. Among them, the penetration rate of the 65-inch 4K panel exceeded 95%.

Sofa Comments: With the current improvement in living standards, and the richness of 4K video content, ultra-clear picture quality is a basic requirement for more and more people, the popularity of 4K panel smart TV should only be a matter of time.

No.3: Mango TV launches smart TV products to change horizons with happiness

Since Mango TV launched the self-developed TV operating system MUI, this system is centered on the home Internet, adhering to the design concept of using simple operations to find content that users like and relying on the advantages of open platform in content, pre-installing all major The video application fully reflects the open and innovative mango spirit. At the press conference, Mango TV also disclosed that MUI will be used in the future in hardware products such as mango boxes and mango TVs. In just six months, Mango TV's first smart TV series has finally appeared!

Sofa Comments: With the smart TV market is expanding, more and more people want to share a piece of cake, personally feel that this Mango TV has a content advantage under the premise of the launch of its own brand smart TV, the market outlook is still more optimistic of.

No.4: In the first half of 2017, TV prices have gone up. Is your wallet ok?

The supply of the panel is tight, pushing up the price of the panel. The price of color TV sets is constrained by panel factors. Changes in panel prices are affected by supply and demand. The relationship between various sizes is driven by the whole body. Adding a certain size of production capacity will inevitably reduce the corresponding production capacity of other sizes and affect the panel. price. For example, 40-inch and 65-inch is such a relationship. Under the influence of Samsung's closing of the 7th-generation line, 40-inch supply will be tight. If the panel maker increases the 40-inch production capacity, the 65-inch production capacity will be reduced, and the 65-inch is a growing large size. Manufacturers of the complete machine must inevitably lay out 65 inches, and the price of 65 inches must rise. From the perspective of February 2017, the price of 65-inch 4K panels has approached 400 US dollars.

Sofa Comments: Recall that Lei Jun said before the millet TV never price increases, this is how long, the entire smart TV industry prices are rising, by the impact of price increases is not only the major manufacturers, consumers Is the ultimate victim!

No.5: South Korea's single inspection team once again asked to arrest Li Zaiyu

According to the Yonhap News Agency, South Korea's "President of the Prophet" Independent Prosecutor's Group again asked the court to issue an arrest warrant for Samsung Electronics Vice President Li Zaijun on the 14th. The inspection team alleged that Li Zaiyu was suspected of bribing President Park Geun-hui, who was conspiring with Cui Shunshi, and misappropriated the company’s public funds. The inspection team also accused Li Zaiyu of perjury on the pro-door hearing. Li Zaiyu will go to court on the 16th of this month (Thursday) and the court will decide whether to arrest after the trial.

Sofa Comments: Before the Note7 explosion, followed by pro-doors involved in the case, Samsung's development this year can be described as full of ups and downs, the arrest of the Samsung Prince, Samsung's impact on the overall business area is self-evident, of course, including Samsung TV.

No.6: Xiaomi Ranked as the Most Innovative Company in the World

Among the most watched 2017 global list of the most innovative companies, the first was won by Amazon in the United States, Google was ranked second, and five companies from China took 11th to 15th on the list. The names are Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi, Backgammon, and Huawei. Among them, Xiaomi Company ranked the 13th among the 2017 most innovative companies in the world, and ranked 3rd among the most innovative Chinese companies.
Sofa Comments: Rice has undergone a general transformation of Nirvana since 2016. Its technology has reached an unprecedented level in R&D and accumulation. Millet MIX, Xiaomi Note 2, Xiaomi 5s, Xiaomi TV 3s series and other outstanding products have been released. Millet TV 4 The appearance at CES 2017 attracted more attention.

No.7: Youku Presses All Channels and Becomes the Preferred Platform for the Fans of the Sanshi III Shili Peach

The extremely beautiful fairy play "Three Life III Ten Miles Peach Blossoms" has been broadcast so far. With the story of sugar-bearing hearts, the popularity and attention has continued to soar. While Youku highlighted the importance of massive exclusive content and novel high-energy fancy games, according to market research, from January 31 to February 6, during the first week of the play, 35.2% of the respondents chose to watch at Youku. Ranked first in broadcasting channels. In the second week of the year, it widened the gap with other channels and continued to be the first choice of peach pollen. As of now, the total number of Youku Peach Blossoms in San San III has exceeded 4.2 billion.

Sofa Comments: Want to see the "Sansheng III Shili Peach Blossom" latest high-definition series of small partners on the smart TV, you can install "Youku video TV version" through the sofa butler client, the strongest chase artifact, properly ~

No.8: 2017 Skyworth Mall Debuts G8S Series Smart TV

At the beginning of the 2017 new year, Skyworth Mall brings a large-screen, cost-effective model recommendation. “Davis Vientiane Spring has no boundaries”. The Skyworth G8S Series TVs feature ultra-thin body, borderless technology and 4-color 4K HDR features. Skyworth 55G8S uses Cortex A53*4 (64-bit) CPU, IMG6110*6 GPU, V-Engine*2 VPU and HDR-10 processor*2, comes standard with 2GB of memory and 8GB of flash memory, allowing users to watch 4K videos and play large games The use of the demand.

Sofa Comments: can only say that now smart TV gimmick is more and more, VR, AR, artificial intelligence, no border, anyway, I most care about is the price. .

No.9: Facebook launches smart TV application and intends to seize smart TV market

Recently, according to related media reports, Facebook social media giant will soon launch smart TV applications, this Tuesday, Facebook official said in a blog, soon the new App will be launched through the program store, support for Apple TV, Samsung smart TV and Amazon Fire TV. In the Timeline, the user can scroll through the News Feed while watching the video.

Sofa Comments: Seeing the boom in the smart TV market, Xiao Zha finally couldn't help it. After all, as the world's largest social media, launching smart TV applications, the number of users will naturally not be less, just don't know when they can be in China. No need to turn over the wall.

No.10: Xiaomi Films is not yet yellow, will launch Andy Lau starring in the movie

Recently, an official trailer was produced by Andy Lau and supervised by Hong Kong's police giant, the “Bullet Removal Expert”. This is also the first film that Xiaomi Films has officially entered into the film and television industry. It is understood that the story of “The bomb disposal expert” is based on the real Hong Kong background. Andy Liu plays the role of bomb disposal expert Zhang Zaishan, who lives in “derogatory” but works nine lives. In the movie, the bomb genius played by Zhang Wu and Jiang Wu’s genius exploded. The thrilling Hong Kong offensive and defensive battle on the field was the culmination of the film’s climax, which occurred in Hong Kong’s Hung Hom Tunnel, a bomb attack that could affect Hong Kong’s 8 million people’s lives for generations.

Sofa Comments: In essence, Xiaomi is still a technology product company. Its basic disk is not content, and it is understandable that it is not ready to invest too much effort in film and television. Leaving quality content for more professional vertical film and television entertainment companies to produce, it is more sensible to choose what they need.

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