Spreadtrum's chip strategy: 2012, TD broke out!

Spreadtrum's chip strategy: 2012, TD broke out!

In 2012, TD broke out?

"TD-SCDMA has achieved great results. TD has covered all cities and towns in the country. It is expected that TD will achieve the goal of 50 million users this year. At present, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued a total of 722 TD network access licenses and a total of 1.8 logos. Now, the time for TD development has arrived! "Zhang Xinsheng, the inspector at the Bureau level of the Telecommunications Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended the meeting and undoubtedly gave the owners of the meeting greater confidence.

Kang Yi, vice president of Spreadtrum Marketing, pointed out that according to the development of WCDMA, when the penetration rate of 3G users reaches 10%, it will indicate the arrival of the inflection point. By the beginning of 2012, the penetration rate of mobile TD users will reach 10%, indicating that TD will enter a big outbreak period. The fifth phase of China Mobile's bidding will increase the number of TD base stations to 300,000, and the TD network coverage is complete, providing a hardware foundation for the TD outbreak! Tang Jianfeng, assistant general manager of China Mobile, pointed out: "China Mobile has two 100% principles in the construction of TD networks-that is, the outdoor TD coverage of data service hotspot areas must reach 100% of the GSM level, and the indoor distribution system with data needs 100 % Turn on TD. "

"Everything is ready, only owe Dongfeng!" What is the Dongfeng outbreak of TD?

"In the past, China Mobile adopted a 100% customization strategy for the terminal. This strategy has been changed. It is expected that the customization market will only account for about 1/3 next year, which means that 2/3 of the market will be an open market. Opportunity! "Li Liyou pointed out in an interview," We Spreadtrum provide them with a turn-key program, you all know how many people will participate in the Qualcomm case, how long it will take to complete, using our Spreadtrum program, basically and engage in GSM The cycle of the mobile phone is almost the same as the number of people. Next year, our TD Android solution comes out, and one person can get it! And our solution does not need to pay a patent, everyone knows what the patent of W is! , Can support a large number of mainstream applications of current smart phones and potential applications in the future.

"Actually they (referring to the owners) have a lot of innovations. We have to gather everyone's wisdom to make TD bigger. Just now Yang Hua, Secretary General of the TD-SCMDA Industry Alliance, also said that we have many innovations (such as the voice technology in iphone4S) What is missing is perseverance and in-depth. "He added.

When introducing the Spreadtrum TD solution, Kang Yi emphasized that the current price of TD feature phones has dropped to more than 200 yuan, which is already equivalent to the price of GSM feature phones, but TD feature phones have advantages in data services. He revealed that the current price difference between the two PCBAs is $ 3, and it will shrink to $ 1.5 next year.

"So, the era of TD replacement for GSM has arrived, which will create a huge market, and only China Mobile has such market potential, because China Mobile ’s GSM users are close to 600 million, and other mobile operators do not have such a large user base to support the replacement. Machine. "Li Liyou emphasized. Wang Yang, Director of Isuppli China Research, pointed out in his speech that the total number of TD users in 2012 will reach 70 million, which means that TD mobile phone shipments will be around 20 million in 2012, but this number is obviously somewhat conservative, because of Yang Hua ’s data It shows that in the first half of 2011, China Mobile added an average of about 2.45 million new TD users every month, and showed a growth trend. Based on this, it is estimated that in 2012, China Mobile will add nearly 30 million new users.

However, not all are optimistic about the future of TD. Some people in the industry have questioned the TD-SCDMA tariff strategy, saying it will affect new users. Li Liyou expressed hope that China Mobile will use subsidies for TD users instead of subsidized models to support it. Development, let the market and users choose to promote the development of the terminal.

Recently, the news of China Mobile's TD-LTE test made many people think that the life cycle of TD-SCDMA will be short and not willing to join it. However, the speeches of Yang Hua and China Mobile's Tang Jianfeng will give everyone a peace of mind. The development strategy will adhere to the multi-mode and multi-band integration strategy. "Yang Hua also said," From the perspective of the development history of digital communications, multi-mode integration is an inevitable trend. In the future, TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE will be integrated for a long time. The trend is that TD-LTE will inevitably evolve towards TDD and FDD multimode. "

"TD will become the default standard like EDGE in the future, so don't worry about your input being wasted." Li Liyou also said.

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