Surprise $188 7-inch Tablet CherryPad

After the launch of the Apple iPad tablet computer, although major manufacturers have followed the product blueprint, there are still few products that have actually arrived on the market. Instead, they are not known to the manufacturers of the cottages and are overwhelming. In response to the speed of the new market, the big manufacturers' conservative attitude toward the market has constrained their development. Although the tablet computer produced by Shanzhai is cheap, it is limited by its own research and development capabilities and cost control, and the production is not that satisfying. The famous products that the company has exposed, such as the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computer and the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet computer, Prices are as high as more than 600 US dollars, and even overtake the Apple iPad. Therefore, the price of a tablet computer called Cherry Pad America, which was recently exposed by the United States, was only paid attention to the price of only 188 US dollars, equivalent to the price of only 1,255 yuan.

CherryPad America is equipped with a 7-inch (800 & 480) capacitive touch screen, equipped with a Samsung ARM 11 processor (800MHz), comes standard with 256MB of storage space and 2GB of memory. In addition, the aircraft also comes with a microSD card slot, USB interface and built-in WiFi module, 3200mAh battery can provide 8 hours of battery life. Built-in mainstream Android 2.1 operating system, industry insiders expect that CherryPad may be upgraded to Android 2.2 by the end of this year.

Edit Comment: In the current mainstream smart phones have reached the frequency of 1GHz level, CherryPad America's low frequency configuration will affect the performance of its performance, but compared to its price, it has been quite affordable. Even if it is a domestic copy, it is difficult to reduce the cost to 1,255 yuan under the same configuration. It seems that the tablet's price of water is quite large. Like the device's products, there is no need to rush to sell it. In 2011, it is the first year of its actual outbreak. When his price may be like the price of the Internet, it will drop to Similar prices to the cottage products, and then out of the small factory without strength out of the market.

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