The original innovator Steelseries Si Rui Siberia RAW Prism Edition Gaming Headset Unpacking


Two days ago to see this site valued friends exclusive: Peripheral world 50% off coupon, went to stroll around, just missing a spanking (mist) headphones, see the RAW Prism version of Siberia fifty percent off 155, feel The price is good, plus the Siberian-backed Siberia and Siberian V1 that were previously used by Sairui, are very good for Sairui, and they decisively placed orders. They received the goods today and found no relevant articles on this site. Fighting for the first test, newcomers posted for the first time, what is wrong, but also a lot of Haihan.

Insert a card

There is no camera in the hand, so I had to shoot it with a slag slag. The effect is not good. The first picture hacked into the world of peripherals.

Sairui Siberian RAW Prism Edition Headphones Sun Single

Huge courier box, LOGO with peripherals

Express box

Roughly open the box and reveal something inside

Out of the box

Peripheral world actually sent some gadgets, there are four magic tapes, a peripheral metal stickers and a pack of paper towels to clean the mouse pad

Box and small accessories

The back of the box is printed with some of the parameters of the headset ah features abal ballablabala, the top of the box there is a standard that is imported, it does not matter where it is produced anyway

The back of the box

Open the box, pull out the body, milky or very resistant, is definitely not resistant to dirty

Body and sending stickers

The headset is a USB Socket, which is said to have a sound card, plugged into the computer, once lit, after the default light is orange, download the driver. . .

Light up

The main interface of the driver clicks on the headset, it will open the detailed settings interface on the right, you can set the equalizer, automatic microphone optimization and lighting effects Drive the main interface

There are three modes of lighting effects. The first one is always on. I don't want to be on the map.
Lighting mode

The second is the colour shift, which is what we call the Marquee...and we can adjust the speed and color of the marquee.

Colour shift mode (Marquee)

The third kind is a breathing light. I don’t use these kinds of lighting effects because I rarely use potatoes and Youku.

Breathing light

The following sense of hearing, because it is USB I do not need my D50 to promote audition, simply listen to the California Hotel

Wearing a lighter headset, or more comfortable, the sound field with the same price than the headset can be fairly, after all, need to listen to footsteps, positioning fairly accurate, tri-band general, positioning is not the same, low-frequency a little virtual, high frequency is not stable , voices are strong, basically do not think of playing this headset HIFI, general songs can still, really listening to music or use a dedicated music headphones.

Sairui Siberian RAW Prism Edition headset experience

The next key point is, play two ass to see how the effect is

After a few games, I have to say that headphones are necessary for FPS games, especially for Blizzard's game. Before playing CS, when you listen to a change of position, you can hear what people are using. The game can understand who it is and where it was. It used to have more than 100 Logitech 2.1 small speakers before it. It was too late to get rid of half of the blood after being beaten by people. It was too late and basically It won't be circumvented, and some of them will be found for the first time. In general, this headset is worth buying for entry-level players, especially half price. Although cheap but also inherited Sairui's usual style, this shopping feels really good.


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