The original sports shoes worn by the Olympic champion are printed in 3D? !

Engadget Chinese station reported on August 14

3D printing apparel is still an avant-garde technology, but many sportswear brands are very willing to try new things, even if only use 3D printing to complete the sole prototype. Last year, Adidas began to use the main technology of Futurecraft 3D technology and concepts, using 3D printing to complete part of the production process of running shoes; and this year, the company decided to provide free 3D printed running shoes for athletes participating in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. However, as its name suggests, "3D-printed Winners Shoe" is limited to those who won medals.

Unlike earlier Futurecraft 3D shoes, “3D-printed Winners Shoe” not only uses 3D printing to complete the contouring, but also includes the heel and midsole, which was previously unachievable. Adidas said that this design will effectively avoid the glue or sewing design, making the shoes more sturdy. In addition, the "3D-printed Winners Shoe" has been thoroughly tested and can be worn with confidence.

Although the "3D-printed Winners Shoe" is currently only a sponsored product for Olympic winners, the technology is expected to be applied to the commercial field soon. (Author: Edgar Alvarez compiled: Ben)

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