The smaller the small-pitch LED display, the better? See what the experts say

In recent years, the application of small pitch in indoor high-definition display applications has become more and more widespread. As users demand more and more delicate display screen effects, smaller pitch LED displays have emerged.

At this stage, some LED manufacturers have successfully achieved the production of 0.7mm small pitch products. In practical applications, the smaller the dot pitch is, the higher the pixel density is, and the more information capacity that can be displayed per unit area at a time, the closer the distance suitable for viewing, and vice versa, the farther the distance is suitable for viewing. In view of the hot concept of small-pitch LEDs, many industry users think that the smaller the dot pitch of the products to be purchased, the better. However, is it really necessary to make the dot spacing smaller and smaller? It is understood that even the 1.2mm small pitch product applications are few. In terms of display effect and cost control, the small pitch of 1.0mm or even 1.2mm can fully meet the market demand, and its high price has been difficult for consumers to accept.

In this regard, Li Lanlin, head of the technical group of China LED Display Application Branch, said that it is not optimistic about the small spacing to develop in smaller and smaller directions. He believes that the application of small pitch is mainly between P1.5--P2.0. If it is less than this range, the advantage is not obvious. It also means that small spacing is also possible for home use, but the process is difficult to achieve and COB can replace it. And the main competition for small pitch is not COB, but DLP. There are also a small number of companies in the industry that produce small pitch products such as P0.9, but their cost is too high and they are not optimistic about the development of smaller pitches.

In addition, some insiders said that in the small-pitch R&D, one or two companies will have a certain market value when they are developing at a smaller distance, but if the whole industry flocks, it must influence the market value. Manufacturers can make them fine and refined according to user needs. In addition, new product highlights can focus on “comprehensive experience” such as product structure, volume, customization and so on.

Therefore, the development of small spacing to smaller and smaller directions does not seem to be great. It is best to start from the market demand and pay attention to it. The most important thing at present is not to develop LED display with smaller spacing, but how to put the existing technology into practical application.

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