Uneven heating is the home improvement killer?

It is said that spring is the peak season for home improvement, but the author interviewed a home improvement person who has worked for more than ten years and said that in fact, the business of home improvement is booming all year round. However, in the summer decoration, we must start from the details to avoid some corners and misunderstandings of home decoration caused by climate. Take the most basic wall, let's say a lot when it comes to summer home improvement.

Pay attention to uneven heating on the wall nearby

The wall near the summer is highly prone to discoloration, mostly due to the humidity of the air and uneven heating. When the wall is unevenly heated, the oxidation rate of the wall coating is different, which leads to the color change of the wall surface. The walls near the walls and near the windows are sensitive areas and are highly susceptible to discoloration. Solution:

In the construction of wall decoration, it is best to use wall paint with long-lasting color, mildewproof, anti-discoloration and washable in these positions. If the discoloration is serious, the original wall can be removed and re-constructed. If the wall surface discoloration is caused by uneven heat and cold, then it is not necessary to remove the original wall body, just polish the surface of the original wall and apply new paint.

Bathroom wall painted with waterproof steam

The mildew on the wall of the bathroom is mainly caused by the accumulation of water vapor to make the interior of the wall moist and grow green mold, and sometimes it will appear dark spots. “There is two reasons for the humidity inside the bathroom wall.” Lin explained that the first is the leakage of the interface between the water pipe or the water pipe and the faucet. The second case is that the water vapor in the bathroom is not lost in time and accumulates in the wall.

To repair the mildew on the bathroom wall, the first thing to do is to find the root cause. If there is leakage at the interface between the water pipe or the water pipe and the faucet in the wall, be sure to take waterproof measures and seal the interface. After the wall surface mold spots appear, the original wall body must be removed, and the wall surface should be wiped with the fungicide syrup. After the wall is fully dried, the next step is carried out.

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