VR version of "My World" new ways to play, happy to move bricks

Experienced people said that in fact, the VR version of "My World" and ordinary gameplay is not much different, the operation is not as convenient as a mouse and keyboard, but it is not bad after accustomed to, in the future will add more custom control.

VR version of "My World" allows players to experience the game when they can really experience what is called brick joy, foreign media KOTAKU editor experienced a VR version of "My World", and brought the latest screenshots, see It is very hard.

KOTAKU is experiencing “My World” on HTC VIVE. In addition, the VR version of “My World” also supports Oculus Rift devices. During the game, the experiencer stated that in fact, VR version of “My World” and ordinary There isn't much difference in the gameplay. It is slower. The right hand holds the tool or weapon. The left-hand direction is your production box box. It looks like a palette. Then just like a painter, you select it with your right hand. Items are not as convenient to operate as a mouse and keyboard, but they are not too bad after they got used to it.

When you move around in the VR version of "My World," you can send instead of actually walking that far. Of course, there are ordinary walking patterns, but are you really going to go that far? And walking mode is awkward.

At present, the VR version of "My World" is still very good, but it can still be more advanced, I guess the future will add more custom controls, the overall performance and interface is also due to the optimization, in general VR version of "My World" is indeed the most realistic and impressive VR game.

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