What will happen to man-machine wars in the future when robots are implanted in Google’s brain?

Google artificial intelligence system AlphaGo defeated the European Go champion, and then challenged the peerless master Li Shishi; this time Google artificial intelligence challenged humans to set off a global wave, this man-machine war or a technology show, but for this technology show It is also the display of Google's strength. When the Century Human-Machine War was launched, Li Kaifu said in an interview with Tencent Technology that this time Google AlphaGo defeated Li Shishi, but artificial intelligence would win over humans within 1-2 years. Li Kaifu said that in the past two or three years, many technology companies have had many major discoveries in artificial intelligence and deep learning. Their personal opinion also believes that this century's human-machine war is a very important milestone in the scientific and technological community.

He founded the first artificial intelligence research and development organization based on deep learning in China – Baidu IDL, and now is the founder and CEO of the startup Horizon RoboTIcs. Dr. Yu Kai said that in the past few years, deep learning in speech recognition and Image recognition has achieved amazing success. In the next few years, the next wave of deep learning will focus on three areas: 1. Decision control algorithms, 2. Natural language understanding, 3. Deep neural network chips; Recently Google The Go algorithm AlphaGo developed by the DeepMind team is a breakthrough in decision control. AlphaGo uses a deep neural network algorithm based on reinforcement learning to learn to evaluate the game (by learning a deep neural network value funcTIon) and to make optimal decisions (by learning a deep neural network policy funcTIon). In addition to learning the history of human chess players, AlphaGo is amazing in that it allows the computers to compete with each other through Monte Carlo Tree Search, so that the machine can continuously improve its level without having to learn human players. Yu Kai further pointed out that he believes that deep-enhanced learning will change not only Go, but also other areas that require decision-making, such as autonomous driving, because the problems faced by autonomous driving and chess are essentially game problems.

Google AI layout can be traced back to Google Brain (Google brain), was born in Google X Lab, its founder is Andrew Ng, in June 2012 Google brain project using deep learning research results, using 1000 units The computer created a "neural network" containing 1 billion connections, enabling the machine system to learn to automatically recognize cats, becoming a well-known case in the international deep learning field. So far, Google has acquired a large number of innovative companies in the field of artificial intelligence. Since 2013, it has acquired nine companies in the field of artificial intelligence. Google and NASA jointly purchased a quantum computer from D-Wave of Canada and established it in September 2014. The Google Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, in collaboration with senior physicist John Martinis, announced in December that D-Wave 2X quantum computers were running faster than traditional computer chips in two tests. The analog devices that run on it are 100 million times faster, and the tech giants agree that quantum computers will make artificial intelligence software more powerful, and that artificial intelligence researchers can use it to develop smarter, more sensitive computer learning systems.

Earlier, Google was using animal training for the Google Brain project. In 2012, Google did an experiment. After entering the concept of "cat", let the machine learn through it and finally got to know "cat"; Google has risen to another level, letting the machine describe the scenes it sees. Imagine what the world would look like when the computer can accurately identify and understand what it sees. Yang Jianyong, the founder of the sensor Internet of Things, said: This time, Google’s artificial intelligence system challenged Mr. Li Shishi, who is the highest level in the field of artificial intelligence in Google’s artificial intelligence field, including the acquisition of a large number of innovative investments in the field of artificial intelligence. The innovative company in the field of artificial intelligence, and the establishment of the quantum artificial intelligence laboratory, has also created the world's largest artificial intelligence neural network. For this century, I believe that Google will win, and also expect it to be in the field of artificial intelligence. There is a qualitative breakthrough. Imagine what would happen if Google’s brain was implanted into the Atlas world of humanoid robots? The intelligent robot in the movie "Terminator" may be made by Google. Although Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters are hard to become a reality in the short term, they may become real in the next 50 years, even 100 years later. Maybe in the future we will have to go through the time machine to destroy Google.

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency, Mark Dyson Roth, an artificial intelligence scholar at Imperial College London, said that if AlphaGo defeated the top Go players, it would mean that there was finally a computer program that reached an amazing level at the level of Go. . Even if the top human Go player can't be defeated in March this year, it's only a matter of time.

I have electrified everything before, and now I recognize everything, and all things are connected to each other, giving them all things to perceive and recognize. When the Internet of Things covers more application scenarios, the world will actually be surrounded by artificial intelligence, and it will also open a new era of universal perception of things. Looking at the field of artificial intelligence in the world, many people will think of developed countries such as the United States and Japan, especially Japan, focusing on simulation and human communication. For example, Shihei’s simulation robots can achieve “false realism” and talk about life philosophy and life ideals in the future. Not far away, then the rise of artificial intelligence will be the game of technology giants? Fortunately, at home, we also have a lot of excellent artificial intelligence teams, such as Baidu, Huada Gene and Going to Ask, Horizon Robot led by Dr. Yu Kai, and Turing Robot and Mr. Wang Jun who left the position of CEO of Huada Gene. The establishment of carbon cloud intelligence technology. Just earlier this year, Wu Gansha resigned from the Intel China Research Institute to establish the technology, and the direction is also the most popular artificial intelligence field, motivating these teams to move forward is the artificial intelligence can make the world a better place. The limitless possibilities. Take advantage of the situation, they believe that artificial intelligence will give the vehicle wisdom and spirituality, making people's travel more convenient, safe and comfortable.

Yu Zhichen, the founder of Guangnian, told me that we firmly believe that artificial intelligence will let intelligent robots enter every family and eventually become the entrance to family entertainment, education and life, enabling people to enjoy a more intelligent family life. The Year of the Light is dedicated to the commercialization of intelligent robots. The Turing robot released in November 2014 is positioned on the semantic understanding and cognitive computing platform. It is the most intelligent robot brain in the Chinese context. It has been more than 100,000 so far. Enterprises and developers provide cloud artificial intelligence services. In November 2015, Turing OS was the first intelligent robot operating system. Turing OS has multi-modal human-computer interaction capabilities and three engines of emotion, thinking and self-learning, which can make robots have more anthropomorphic functions.

Dr. Yu Kai once led the team to develop deep learning algorithms for Baidu's voice, image, search, advertising, and created and led the Baidu Autopilot project. Yu Kai’s Horizon Robot is dedicated to “define the brain of things”, creating the “AI Inside” of the era of all things, bringing the “brains” to the numerous devices and products in daily life, and becoming robots of some form. Perceived environment, human-computer interaction, and decision-making control make people's lives more convenient, safer and more fun. Yu Kai considers two application scenarios, one is smart home and the other is smart car. Just like the Android system for smartphones, Yu Kai hopes that the brain system built by the horizon will make homes and cars smart. This brain platform includes software algorithm operating system layers, as well as deep neural network chips for hardware platforms and reference designs. Yu Kai believes that the artificial intelligence revolution will create a new class of people that coexist with people – robots that make decisions on their own. The characteristics of the new era are no longer the ability of machines to extend people, but the re-social division of labor between humans and machines. A large number of things that are not suitable for people and suitable for machines will be replaced by robots, including car driving, housekeeping services, routine disease diagnosis, and manufacturing. The hardware brain of the horizon will accelerate the arrival of this day.

A paper from Turing in the last 50 years, "Do robots think?" 》Open the door to artificial intelligence. The research of artificial intelligence has become a fan of science and capital. At present, the scientific research on the nerve brain has never stopped, including the brain plans of the European Union and the United States, and IBM's neural simulation system, which is trying to complete the human brain. recovery. Whether it is a technology giant such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, or a well-known institution such as MIT, artificial intelligence technology is the focus of future development. Whoever wins artificial intelligence will win the future.

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