Zhang Yutao: LED lighting coexistence through multiple channels

On June 10th, at the "Channel Revolution" of the "10th High-tech LED Industry Summit Forum" held in Guangzhou, Philips Lumileds Asia Market Director Zhou Xuejun, Sanxiong Aurora Lighting Chairman Zhang Yutao, Jiamei Times Lighting General Manager Zhou Shuiming, general manager of Jilin Linlin Lighting Division, and Xiao Xiaohong, assistant to the chairman of Jiangsu Guanghui Lighting Market, and other guests expressed their views on the construction of lighting channels, and launched a heated discussion, which attracted the attention of many leaders of participating companies. .

Zhang Yutao, chairman of Sanxiong Aurora Lighting, said that there are different channels of lighting coexisting at present. LED products are ultimately integrated lighting products. The life of LED products is very long. It is difficult for LEDs to make money by large circulation and large distribution.

Sanxiong·Aurora Lighting sells integrated lighting. To retain customers, it is necessary to provide customers with professional knowledge and solutions, and the response speed is very fast.

Zhang Yutao believes that some channel models will die out, and the channel model with strong vitality will grow and develop.

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