The opportunities and traps of LED globalization, you want to know are here

Go out, or go out!

One of the obvious feelings since this year is that the pace of globalization of domestic companies is accelerating. This spring's Frankfurt International Lighting Fair is the best proof that "China's strong lighting power" is becoming a new voice in the global market.

Relevant data predicts that in 2015, overseas investment by Chinese companies surpassed foreign investment in China for the first time and became an important watershed for the internationalization of Chinese enterprises. Driven by a series of trade and investment liberalization and facilitation measures by the Chinese government, future foreign investment will also explode.

Indeed, all walks of life are now arranging global markets, and domestic companies are entering the "new normal".

According to the statistics of the High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), in 2015, China's LED industry cross-border M&A 6 times, the amount of M&A was 22.8 billion yuan, showing a further enlargement trend, and the industry M&A is still at its peak. It is expected that 2016-2017 will still be in 2016-2017. There will be a wave of industry mergers and acquisitions.

Different from the past, under the new opportunities, the domestic and international environment faced by domestic enterprises is more complicated. Whether it is market development or capital operation, too many risks need to be avoided and dealt with.

“One of the obvious features is that Chinese companies are less involved in overseas projects, and international projects are still difficult to enter. China’s product positioning is still cheap, and it still stays in the circulation market and the role of foundry. The world has a long road." Dr. Zhang Xiaofei pointed out.

Indeed, the international influence of China's LED industry is being further strengthened, and the market space of traditional LED forces such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe and the United States is gradually being reduced. Next, the merger between domestic LED companies and such international brands is expected to become more and more popular. Intense, LED lighting channel pattern will also be initially formed. It is expected that the LED penetration rate will be close to 90% by 2018, and the LED industry chain structure will be basically settled.

Under the new normal of the global economy, why should Chinese LED lighting companies go out, how to go out, and how to deal with risks? On June 9, 2016, the 14th high-level sponsored by Gaogong LED and co-organized by the test The LED Summit Forum will take you to find out.

Let large enterprises share domestic and international market views and their coping strategies, so that the top and bottom supply chain companies can demonstrate their successful cooperation model, and let overseas dealers guide how to effectively establish marketing channels, so that overseas buyers can propose product appeals from local users. Export enterprises have entered the overseas market... All of the above are one of the key dry goods of this summit.

What are you waiting for? On June 9th, 2016 (the 14th) High-tech LED Industry Summit will be grandly opened at Guangzhou Pazhou Shangri-La Hotel. This forum will introduce you to some questions about the global market, then, the speed Sign up!

Exploring issues


International situation

The pace of Chinese companies going global is firm but difficult, and the chances of success are several. Going out to find death, not going out and waiting to die?

At the Frankfurt International Lighting Exhibition, "China's lighting power is rising strongly" is thunder and rain?

The lively American lighting exhibition, China's lighting companies have set up a platform, still half-faced, who dares to stick to the "Chinese brand"? Continue to OEM, continue to work?

In the overseas lighting market, which are the leading ones and which ones are the chicken ribs? Do Chinese companies want to eat dragon meat or ribs?


Domestic situation

International giants Philips and Osram are selling, whether they are captured by Chinese companies or owned overseas, what does it mean for Chinese companies? How to face potential opportunities or threats?

LED lighting has entered the era of differentiation. The larger the LED lighting companies are, the more refined the elites are. How do the upstream and midstream supply chain enterprises locate and choose?

Chinese lighting companies are thousands of large and small, mostly immersed in the old dreams, the new competitive environment is bound to die, how do companies self-success, suicide, death, death, let go?

Summit features

✦ Let industry think tank experts analyze future opportunities and pitfalls in the industry

✦ Let big companies share domestic and international market views and their coping strategies

✦ Make the outstanding enterprises in the upstream and midstream supply chain show their successful cooperation mode

✦ Let overseas dealers guide how to effectively establish marketing channels

✦ Let overseas buyers raise product appeals from local users

✦ Let overseas certification bodies teach overseas market access standards and risk aversion

✦ Let export big data platform ProductFacts help export companies enter overseas markets

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