How to choose gifts for foreign customers

Compare the differences between domestic and foreign trade gifts. In general, domestic trade, gifting at least a dozen or more yuan a year. One is that there are many festivals in China to give gifts, and the other is that you don’t want to send gifts. You need to send them all valuable gifts such as high-grade cigarettes and tea. The gifts given to foreign trade customers are only a few thousand dollars at most, and they must have Chinese characteristics. Summarized as follows:

Send a greeting card before Christmas:
1. Do not use surface mail, otherwise Christmas may not be delivered in the past two months;
2. You can use different languages. For example, German customers can write Christmas and Happy New Year in German.
3. If you are dealing with people in different departments of the other company at the same time, you must have everyone, and don't just write to the buyer.

Second, you must bring a gift when you go abroad:
1, scarves, pay attention to men and women to distinguish between open and buy, it is best to buy more women, if the men run out, you can spurn to send the other's girlfriend or wife.
2, local characteristics: such as Nanjing produced Yunjin.
3. Chinese traditional handicrafts: paper-cut paintings, jade carvings, carvings, etc.

Third, pay attention to details when giving gifts:
1, packaging is very important, especially to send European guests, when I buy silk scarves when the mall does not provide packaging, and later bought a hands-on package of paper, and write the names of different customers.
2. Differences: In order to save money, I often bring some precious gifts with some ordinary gifts. This way, I can send large customers with money, ordinary small and medium-sized customers, or potential future customers.
3, if not everyone has a gift, it is best not to face to. If you meet with the other person alone, you should either meet it or sit down.

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