Is Apple airpods easy to use, and the personal trial evaluation tells you that these factors must be considered

In Apple's 2017 iPhone conference, in addition to the iPhone 7, it also brought us a wireless Bluetooth headset AirPods. The most eye-catching product is Apple ’s latest wireless headset AirPods. Since the iPhone 7 cancels the 3.5mm headphone jack and uses the Lightning charging port as the new headphone jack, this wireless headset has attracted much attention. According to Apple ’s original plan, this headset was originally released at the end of October, and then Apple announced that AirPods will require more time to prepare, and did not give an exact release time node.

This AirPods, called "revolutionary next-generation headphones", do not need to enter a code, just open the charging box near the iPhone, and tap to complete the AirPods settings; double-tap AirPods can wake up Siri, allowing you Control music, get routes, make and receive calls, etc .; you can listen for 5 hours on a single charge, and the charging box can also store multiple times of additional charge, providing a total of more than 24 hours of listening time.

On the evening of December 13, Apple announced that AirPods are now available for order online on the official website, and will begin delivery to consumers next week, arriving at Apple Store retail stores, Apple authorized dealers, and designated operators.

Now, Apple's wireless headset AirPods is officially on sale on Apple's official website. But it is still difficult to find a machine, and the delivery time will be delayed for a long time. (Or you can try offline channels, maybe there are surprises!)

Is Apple airpods easy to use? Trial evaluation tells you that these factors must be considered

Is Apple airpods easy to use ---- How much is Apple airpods headphones? RMB 1288 but was fired to 11000

The official website shows that the final price of AirPods is still 1288 yuan, including a pair of wireless headphones, a charging box and a charging cable.

Everyone still underestimated the enthusiasm of fruit powder. The official website was snatched up just after the reservation was opened. The highest price of the headset on eBay has soared to $ 1590 (about 11,000 yuan). If you have placed an order on the official website and the delivery date is still long, and you do n’t want to buy it from eBay at a more expensive price, you can try your luck next week at Apple ’s official retail store. In addition, online orders can be cancelled.

After several weeks of ticket bounces, Apple AirPods quietly opened the reservation page on the official website yesterday at a price of 1288 yuan.

However, the popularity of AirPods headphones is beyond imagination. AirPods were sold out in just two hours. Now the official shipping date of this headset in major markets around the world takes 4 weeks. Apple is opening AirPods bookings in more than 100 countries and regions at the same time, but it is likely that the first supply will be extremely limited due to capacity issues.

After Apple ’s grand press conference in September, many were concerned about when Apple airpods will be available. Is Apple airpods easy to use? Now we will tell you all the details related to it.

Is Apple airpods easy to use? Trial evaluation tells you that these factors must be considered

Is Apple airpods easy to use --- also good news: the official revealed that it allows only buy-up

Some netizens were surprised at the shape and pricing of this headset at the time, and others were worried that the wireless headset would fall off easily.

Therefore, Apple updated AirPods' "lost buy policy". Previously, if you really dropped a headset, you could only buy one more pair, and Apple said they were selling by pair. But now, if you lose one of the headphones, you can buy it separately; if you lose the charging case, you can also buy it separately. However, the specific pricing is currently unknown.

Is Apple airpods easy to use? Trial evaluation tells you that these factors must be considered

Is Apple airpods easy to use ---- Extended reading: Apple airpods headphones trial evaluation

Q1 How does it feel to wear?

A: In fact, if you have used an iPhone, you should have been familiar with this feeling for a long time. It is because many people take the EarPods with the iPhone earphones cut off the line every day-although this is a joke after the press conference, but the actual wearing experience In short, this sentence accurately describes the AirPods' wearing feeling, even including weight.

Q2 How is the workmanship? Is it only white?

A: Let me talk about the price first. RMB 1288 is indeed not cheap, but its texture is outstanding. The charging box is just the right size. It looks like a pebble in your hand. A few days ago, an industry insider looked at it and lamented: It is indeed the money spent in place to have this effect.

Apple headphones are almost only white, and so are AirPods (at least for now). Some people on the Internet have drawn black AirPods concepts, but that is not true.

Q3 Is it easy to lose?

A: Another joke at the conference in September was "Go to Olsen to pick up headphones".

In the actual experience, COSCO didn't think it would be so easy to drop. Unless it is like the big brother in the film, it hasn't encountered the drop situation.

Is Apple airpods easy to use? Trial evaluation tells you that these factors must be considered

Shake your head off? With it, you always feel a little dangling in your heart, especially in a crowded subway. If it falls, such a small thing may be hard to find.

Some third-party accessory companies have made connection cords. If you are interested, you can take a look. It works even if one falls, and the cord is dragged on the other end.

Q4 Can I wear it while running?

A: Yes, but it is not recommended. The earphones are not prepared for sports.

AirPods are not waterproof. I have encountered the problem of sweat flowing into the speakers during sports and producing popping sounds.

Q5 Is electricity enough for five hours?

A: Enough, don't worry about power problems.

In fact, Apple's official description of "five hours of battery life" is easily misunderstood, thinking that it can only be used for five hours.

The headset can play continuously for five hours, but as long as it is put back in the box, it starts to charge. It can charge more than 60% in 15 minutes, and it can last for about 3 hours.

In fact, a person can listen to music for five hours in a row. In fact, there are not many cases. In the middle of the break, you can take off the headphones and put it back in the box to drink water.

In addition, the official claimed that the small box can provide 24 hours of power to the headset, the actual measurement is about 4 times. It charges through the Lightning interface. Apple's official does not indicate how big the headset or box battery is, but the volume should be tens of mAh.

Q6 How long can I call?

A: The measured single-sided headset continuously talks for about one hour and several minutes.

The reason for emphasizing unilateral earphones is that the left and right AirPods have the same structure, with speakers, microphones and other sensors, so you can take out one side and use it separately. When one earphone is dead, take the other to continue playing.

Q7 What is the use of Apple's W1 chip?

A: W1 is a microchip developed by Apple for AirPods. It is placed in the headset. The main two functions are: 1 to improve wireless connection performance; 2 to improve battery life.

Headphones with this chip (including AirPods and Beats) will pop up a card to show the power when connected to the iPhone, which is a little special compared to ordinary headphones.

Q8 How about the experience of taking off the song?

A: In addition to W1, there are distance sensors and gyroscopes in AirPods, which cooperate to achieve some other functions.

When you listen to the song, you take off a headset, the song pauses, and you continue to play with it, there is almost no delay, this is the distance sensor is working; in fact, there is a gyroscope with it. No music will be played immediately after taking it.

Q9 How do AirPods cut songs when playing music?

A: Use Siri, say "cut song", "turn up the volume" and so on.

I have to say that it ’s okay to do it at home. If you take it out of the street, it ’s very inefficient and silly ...

AirPods supports tapping motions. Currently, there is only the gesture of "tap twice", which can be set to "Siri" "Play | Pause" or "Close".

Apple can actually add an extra three beats, and wait for the upgrade.

Q10 How does AirPods connect multiple products at a time?

A: The principle is not complicated. You pair AirPods on an iPhone. Apple uses iCloud to synchronize the Bluetooth information of this headset to all devices with the same Apple ID, including Mac computers, iPhones, iPad tablets and Apple Watch. .

This function has system requirements. For example, mobile phones need iOS 10, which limits the hardware. The oldest mobile phone that can be upgraded to 10 systems is iPhone 5.

In addition to AirPods and beats, the three earphones with built-in W1 chip can also achieve the same effect.

Q11 How to switch earphones when multiple products play music at the same time?

A: When I listen to the song on the mobile phone, to switch it to the computer, I need to click Bluetooth information and click AirPods to connect. This action is equivalent to unplugging a headset from the iPhone and plugging it into the computer.

Is Apple airpods easy to use? Trial evaluation tells you that these factors must be considered

After pairing on the phone, the Bluetooth information will be synchronized to other devices

Q12 What is the sound quality?

A: It is roughly equal to Apple's EarPods white headphones.

Bluetooth Headsets can't really talk about too good sound quality. Even AirPods can only say that they are qualified and can hear so little bass.

Q13 What is the connection distance? Break?

A: I compared several Bluetooth headsets at hand, including Plantronics, Meizu, Jabra and other miscellaneous brands. The transmission distance of AirPods is the longest. In my house, there is a distance of about 15 meters from south to north, and there are no breaks between the two walls.

But it must be emphasized that this is the beta version in my hand. It is not certain whether the output power of the official version will be adjusted.

AirPods occasionally have a disconnection problem. I have encountered this situation once in a shopping mall with a lot of people. I do n’t know if there is interference. The songs in the headphones are occasionally intermittent.

Q14 Can AirPods reduce noise?

A: AirPods are not active noise reduction, but call noise reduction. On Apple's official website, there is such a description:

"When you make a phone call or talk to Siri, the dual microphone with beamforming technology filters the background noise so that your voice can be heard clearly."

This is a dual microphone + algorithm call noise reduction, which is different from Bose's reverse signal active noise reduction.

Is Apple airpods easy to use? Trial evaluation tells you that these factors must be considered

AirPods noise reduction schematic

Q15 Can non-Apple mobile phones be connected?

A: Yes, AirPods itself is a Bluetooth headset. Press and hold the button on the back of the fuselage to force it to enter the Bluetooth pairing state. At this time, it can also be paired with other devices.

However, connecting to non-Apple devices will limit functionality. I tried four brands of Android phones. After connecting with AirPods, the distance sensor will be invalid, that is, the headset song pause function is gone.

Q16 Which regions are available for sale?

AirPods are available in more than 100 countries and regions, including Australia, Canada, Mainland China, Hong Kong, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Japan, UAE, United Kingdom and United States.

Q17 Is 1288 worth it?

A: If we talk about sound quality, I am afraid that more than 100 wired headsets can all be Bluetooth headsets. There is no comparability between the two types, you have sound quality, I have no trouble. Just sauce ~

The convenience of AirPods is wireless (people who change from a wired vacuum cleaner to Dyson may be deeply touched by this), and cross-device connection. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or Apple Watch, it is a The thread that these devices wear. Although, AirPods themselves are wireless.

Q18 What if I lose one?

A: To update, Apple announced AirPods' "Lost Buying Policy" today. Both a single headset and a charging box can be purchased separately, but the price has not been announced. It is estimated that a single headset will cost four or five hundred yuan.

It's okay to lose a headset, at least one ear can be used. If you lose the box ... it's really useless.

As for picking up the headset, I have to ask more, please pick up the box after picking up the headset, otherwise you will not be able to pair with the phone.

Is Apple airpods easy to use? Trial evaluation tells you that these factors must be considered

Is Apple's airpods easy to use-the reasons for AirPods ticket bounces are still unsolved

The Street Journal reported on the reasons for AirPods ticket bounces. The news said that the main reason for Apple AirPods ticket bounces is that Apple is developing a new model for the headset. This new model can ensure more stable use of the headset, such as After one AirPods is lost or has no power, the other can receive audio data normally. Generally speaking, ordinary Bluetooth earphones input audio to one of the earphones through Bluetooth technology, and then transmit this earphone to the other one. The uniqueness of Apple AirPods is that both of its earphones can independently receive audio data.

AirPods is different from ordinary Bluetooth headsets in that the two headsets are independent, without any connecting cable in between, and the headset itself is small, and the chance of loss is also increased. Apple may also be aware of this problem. Therefore, a new model will be developed to ensure that the headset can be used normally after an accident.

The Wall Street Journal said that Apple ’s bounced ticket for technical reasons was quoted from a “informed person familiar with AirPods development”, but this article was immediately hit by an AirPods user. Famous Apple blogger John Gruber Scolding the Wall Street Journal for the news is pure bullshit. John Gruber said that he had obtained the AirPods test machine earlier, and he did not have the above-mentioned technical defects during use. The technical problem of "another headset can be used normally" has already been resolved by Apple at the R & D stage.

John Gruber said that he learned from a member of the AirPods engineering team that mass production of AirPods is indeed more difficult than expected, and the main reason for Apple ’s postponement of sales is probably only the problem of production capacity. The technical problems mentioned by the Wall Street Journal simply do not exist. .

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