The most important thing is to buy TV picture quality: Only need to pay attention to three places when you choose a good screen.

By the end of the year, there have been a lot of promotions and promotions for manufacturers. Many friends are ready to buy a new TV to welcome the arrival of the New Year. However, in the face of a dazzling array of TV brands and models, it is necessary to choose an excellent picture quality. Cost-effective TV really is a bit difficult, there is no way to allow users to simply be able to identify it? The answer is yes. Now we introduce several simple ways to tell users how to find the quality of the TV picture.

1, the panel

Whether it is a picture tube or an LCD screen, as an important part of the display screen in television, the quality will directly affect the picture quality. Most of the panels used in high-end TV products are OLEDs or quantum dot panels. For example, Skyworth is currently the leading manufacturer of OLED products in China. However, most of the cost-effective products we want to choose are IPS panels. Most Internet products such as Coocaa, LeTV, Xiaomi and others use this type of panel, but we must note that some products are imported. Panels, and some products are made of domestic panels.

2. Whether to support HDR technology

The range of brightness that traditional TVs can exhibit is extremely limited, and it is far from the range that the human eye can perceive. This results in poor perception of the level of the screen perceived by the human eye and loss of large amounts of detail. HDR high dynamic range image technology is to solve this problem came into being. The level of the TV picture supporting the HDR high dynamic range technology is more clear, and the details of the light and shade are even more obvious. Therefore, TVs supporting the HDR super quality display technology are much higher in picture quality than ordinary TVs.

3, whether to support the MEMC movement enhancement technology

MEMC motion enhancement technology effectively eliminates blurring, smearing, and jitter issues by inserting motion-compensated frames through the motion-imaging system, which can make the motion picture of LCD TVs clearer and smoother. For example, when watching sports content, TVs that support MEMC's motion enhancement technology can maintain a very smooth and clear picture during playback. The TV screens that do not support MEMC will experience jitter, blur, and smear, affecting the perception. .

Based on the above three points, we can quickly and accurately select high quality and cost-effective television products. At the time of the Double Twelfth, Amway had two excellent commercial reputations - the Cool Series N and A Series. Cool open N series and A series are imported from South Korea's original LG IPS hard screen 4K with LCD panel, in conjunction with HDR decoding + MEMC motion compensation technology can make the entire picture fidelity complete, whether the user wants to watch video or play The game can show the most perfect picture. In particular, the Cool Open N series products, the series as the main game of the game TV, after having HDR and MEMC addition, can show the special experience of the big screen to play the game.

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