Are you sure you are buying a genuine aluminum alloy cable?

Are you sure you are buying a genuine aluminum alloy cable?

Fake aluminum alloy cable, either the conductor material is not qualified, or it is pure aluminum cable. The shoddy aluminum alloy cable is not as good as the pure aluminum cable in terms of its electrical conductivity, and the mechanical performance is not up to the standard. The creep problem of the aluminum cable still exists. So why buy aluminum alloy cables? It is better to buy pure aluminum cables. After all, pure aluminum cables have higher conductivity and lower prices. However, pure aluminum cables have a great potential for safety. In the past, due to frequent accidents such as fires caused by the use of aluminum cables, copper cables had to be used. Nowadays, the market is full of fake and inferior aluminum alloy cables. The problems existing in all aluminum cables are not solved, and the security risks are even greater. They are even worse than aluminum cables. The idea of ​​"worse aluminum alloys are better than pure aluminum" is really wrong! In fact, poor aluminum alloys generally have uneven crystals or unclean materials, and their system damage is much more serious than pure aluminum conductors!

So, what is the real aluminum alloy cable?

The key point of the aluminum alloy cable is the conductor quality and the terminal connection. The core of the conductor quality is the crystallization of the alloy and the material is clean! "Language is becoming more and more attractive." Apart from the numerous demagogic propaganda, what you need is a real aluminum alloy cable. It is a safe and reliable connection solution. It is a sense of responsibility for the people's safe property. Therefore, the prerequisite for choosing the aluminum alloy cable is that you are buying a qualified aluminum alloy cable that uses the correct connection solution.

Qualified aluminum alloy cables first require qualified conductor aluminum alloy rods, which is also the most critical point. One of the most important advantages and values ​​of aluminum alloy cables is that the compressive creep performance of aluminum alloy conductors is much better than aluminum cables. . The raw materials are not good, can the finished product be good, as if the broken flour can make a delicious bread?

Followed by aluminum alloy cable connection program. No matter how good the aluminum alloy cable is, connecting the problem is no good. Not only are there major safety hazards, but the electrical performance will also be reduced. The advantages and value of aluminum alloy cables cannot be realized at all. Just like a 300km/h electric vehicle galloped on the rail of a modern high-speed railway, suddenly there was a track from the 80s of the last century. Can the problem be solved? Similarly, the aluminum alloy cable should also be consistent with its own performance. Connection terminals can ensure the safety and stability of power transmission. The inherent advantages and values ​​of aluminum alloy cables can be guaranteed. This is why the Academician Huang Chongji of the Shanghai Cable Research Institute has repeatedly stressed: "The reason that the production companies must be able to provide stable and reliable aluminum alloy cable products and connection accessories!"

EI/AIW Enameled Copper Wire

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Good resistance to abrasion and solvent.

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Enameled Copper

Class 200 Polyesterimide enameled copper wires over coated by polyamide-imide, Excellent heat shock resistance, excellent refrigerants, suit for high speed winding. Be suitable for refrigerator compressor and air condition compressor, microwave oven electric instrument and other pressuring motor.

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