Water heater season meets cold betting high-end can usher in a new opportunity

Water heaters meet the cold season, betting high-end can usher in a new opportunity

Since 2016, due to weather and real estate market sales, the water heater market has reversed the growth trend of refrigerators, air conditioners, and color TVs, showing a trend of contrarian growth, ushering in the spring of development, but the industry People can not think that, in the current hot water heater market demand in May, the water heater industry should have a strong market demand unexpectedly to a "slam brake", greeted coldly, for a time let the industry endless.

Unexpected experience of "cold face" in the peak season, domestic and foreign brand sales are now two days

Many well-known, since this year, the water heater market due to a variety of comprehensive factors, showing a flourishing trend of development, for the entire industry has injected unlimited vitality and vitality. According to the data in the first quarter of 2016, in the first quarter, the retail sales of water heaters reached 8.48 million units, an increase of 9.3% year-on-year, and retail sales of 12.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.9%. This data shows that the strong start of the water heater market in the first quarter has ushered in a new spring of development.

However, what the industry could not have imagined was that after experiencing a smooth start in the first April, the water heater market came to a “battle” in May when the peak demand season was expected to be strong. Both fell, and in the last two months, the water heater market continued to show a downward trend due to the continued lack of market demand.

According to recent statistics, in May 2016, the overall retail sales of the water heater market fell by 7.95% month-on-month, down 4.79% year-on-year; overall retail sales fell 9.63% month-on-month, down 3.29% year-on-year. Among them, the most noticeable decline was the increasingly saturated primary market, with retail sales and retail sales falling by 12.45% and 13.75%, respectively. This data shows that due to the lack of market demand, the water heater market has shown a slight decline, the market development is not optimistic.

From the point of view of the major water heater market brands, the water heater market continues to decline in the price of the situation, domestic brands and foreign brands show two different trends. First of all, from the perspective of domestic water heater brands, retail sales accounted for a year-on-year increase of 3.18 percentage points to 65.56%, and retail sales also increased by 3.17 percentage points to 52.23%. On a year-on-year basis, the two retail sales also saw an increase of 2.09% and 0.98%, respectively.

From the perspective of foreign brands, foreign brands all showed a slight decline. Take AO. Foreign brands such as Smith, Linne, Can, Ariston, etc., all saw a slight decline in retail sales in the same month. Among them, Ariston’s year-on-year decline was the largest, and the two retail sales proportions accumulated this year dropped by 1.09% and 1.11%, respectively, and the market space was further squeezed. This trend shows that due to the continuous upgrading of consumption and changes in consumer demand, the domestic water heater brand sales have undergone corresponding changes.

From the above development trend of water heater can be seen, due to the lack of demand and other factors, the water heater market has shown a downward trend, in this situation, the public water heater market should go from here?

Companies have endangered the high-end market, health and energy-saving products into the mainstream of market development

Under the background of the current market downturn, coupled with the improvement of people’s living standards and increasing awareness of health, people pay more attention to the health and the green of water heater products in addition to the functional consumption functions of safety, quick heat, maintenance, and constant temperature. , Energy-saving and other functions, in this situation, the major water heater manufacturers have to force high-end market, trying to occupy the high-end market to win the market and the vast majority of consumers recognized and favored.

According to the data of China Yikang monitoring, there are over 10 models of healthy electric water storage water heaters sold in the market, accounting for nearly 10% of the market, and the health or the industry under the limelight. This trend shows that people pay more attention to the health functions of products. For example, for the current purification function of the water heater market, Haier introduced the liner can be no-clean water purification electric water heater installed in the outlet triple sterilization module, so that the water heater liner is in a clean, flowing state.

In response, Shi Ting, general manager of China Kitchen & Electronics Co., Ltd., said that from the perspective of future development, electric water heaters tend to be 60 liters, and their functions will continue to be deepened. For gas water heaters, the development will be omnidirectional, and the easy-to-operate displays will become larger and more functionally pragmatic. China Yikang estimates that the scale of the water heater market in 2016 will reach 56.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.2%. Obviously, future health, intelligence and other functions have brought new vitality to the water heater industry.

In addition, water heaters that are convenient, durable, energy-efficient, safe, environmentally friendly, and other functional advantages are now favored by the general public. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demands for the quality and quality of home appliances are also increasing. As an essential home appliance for showering, the green, healthy, and energy-saving features of water heaters have received increasing attention.

As an electric home appliance product, the importance of water heater energy saving is self-evident. Looking at the current market of water heaters, water heaters with energy-saving energy efficiency have attracted more attention from consumers. Compared with the general water heater products, consumers are more willing to choose first-class energy efficiency products or secondary energy efficiency products to ensure the energy-saving features of water heaters. .

It can be seen that, nowadays, under the background of the weak demand of the water heater market, coupled with the continuous escalation of consumption and the constant changes in people's consumer demand, more and more attention is paid to the awareness of health, energy saving and environmental protection. Nowadays, all manufacturers are betting on high-end At the same time, the market continues to respond to changes in consumer demand such as health, energy, intelligence, and personality, and differentiates as a strategy to produce diversified products.

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