Gao Jianhua: Migrant workers who moved the lamp factory to the doorstep

Yanshan Red Town, Baiyun District, Guiyang City, swayed the village. On both sides of a straight country road, two rows of residential buildings are lined up in parallel. In a small building that has not been completely renovated and the four rolling shutters are open, the roar of the "呜呜" machine broke the tranquility of the village.

Opposite the small building, above the iron gate, the "Huayu Crystal Light Parts Factory Guiyang Branch" with red letters on the yellow background is very eye-catching. On the left and right sides of the door, dozens of young workers hold semi-finished products and operate on a fast-rotating abrasive machine. A young man is calling the customer by telephone. He is Gao Jianhua, a migrant worker from Guizhou.

Every machine and every part of this factory was moved by Gao Jianhua from Zhejiang one by one.

Going out for gold

Gao Jianhua, who was in the middle of the year, is a villager in Yanshanhong Town, Baiyun District, Guiyang City. Because his father is disabled, he can't do heavy work. The burden of a family of four lives on the shoulders of his mother. He was poor in his family, and he only took a half-semester to study. At that time, he was 14 years old.

In 2001, 22-year-old Gao Jianhua decided to take a trip outside. That year, he took the hard-earned money earned by the 800 yuan for concrete, and took the train to the south with his girlfriend who had just met. Gao Jianhua and his girlfriend fell in a crystal lighting accessories factory in Yiwu, Zhejiang.

“It’s not so much a factory, it’s actually more suitable as a workshop, because there are only five or six people in the whole factory,” Gao Jianhua said.

With diligence, hard work, and hard work, Gao Jianhua soon became an abrasive worker in the factory. Although he earned only about 400 yuan a month, he still insisted.

The so-called abrasive worker is a semi-finished product of crystal lighting accessories that is hand-pressed, and is operated on a fast-running abrasive machine to polish the crystal products. How many times, his fingernails were broken, peeled, and even bleeding, but he still did not give up.

Hometown entrepreneurship

Two months later, Gao Jianhua secretly vowed to learn the whole set of production techniques and become his own boss in the future. He called the cousin Gao Lin in his hometown to the factory. The brothers learned the technology together, and this is more than a year.

"In the beginning, we took the semi-finished products from other bosses and then returned them to the boss." Gao Jianhua calculated that the abrasive is only one of the processes, but the first process - the material itself has not been mastered. . Therefore, every time he went to the boss to take materials, he took the opportunity to study in the workshop. After a long time, everything that Gao Jianhua will see is kept in mind. To this end, he suffered a lot of "white eyes."
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