[Hot Spot] The new technology of drones will be born or will subvert the operation mode of the surveying and mapping industry

UAV tilt photography can truly reflect the ground conditions, and can be used to embed accurate geographic information and pick up richer image information through advanced positioning technology. The birth of tilt photography will revolutionize the way traditional surveying is done.

For many years, the topographic mapping and geographic information acquisition work mainly adopts the manual operation mode. The surveying and mapping people measure the footsteps, the wading in the mountains, the rushing in the wild, and the hard work. Such field labor has the problems of high intensity, complicated procedures, time-consuming labor, high cost and so on. . With the development of science and technology, the surveying and mapping industry has higher and higher requirements for the accuracy and timeliness of geographic information data. Labor costs and time costs also bring great pressure and burden to the industry. Therefore, the surveying and mapping industry needs to be able to be fast and efficient. Accurate access to geographic information and data solutions.

The birth of drone tilt photography technology has subverted the traditional surveying and mapping operation mode. This technology acquires high-definition stereoscopic image data through low-altitude multi-lens lens photography, automatically generates 3D geographic information model, and quickly realizes the acquisition of geographic information. High efficiency, low cost, accurate data, flexible operation, and side information are available to meet the different needs of the surveying and mapping industry. Greatly adjust the collaborative work of internal and external industries in surveying and mapping, solve the work delay caused by external factors such as weather, and transform the original large amount of field work into internal work, greatly liberating the labor time of surveyors and reducing Labor intensity!

UAV tilt photography technology is widely used

The UAV tilt photography technology not only can truly reflect the ground object, but also can embed precise geographic information, pick up more abundant image information and give users a better experience through advanced positioning technology.

UAV tilt photography technology is widely used, such as national major project construction, disaster emergency and treatment, land monitoring, resource development, new rural and small town construction, urban village demolition data retention, government tax assessment, public safety, law enforcement Action, planning and development, fire protection; disaster assessment for public utilities, environmental protection, corporate insurance, real estate; and public location services, Internet applications, tourism, etc. Especially in basic surveying and mapping, land resource survey and monitoring, land use dynamic monitoring, digital city construction and access to emergency disaster mapping data acquisition, etc. have broad market prospects.

Here we introduce the advantages and functions of the drone tilt photography technology:

Feature 1: Reflecting the real situation around the object relative to the orthophoto, the tilt image allows the user to observe the object from multiple angles, more realistically reflecting the actual situation of the object, greatly making up for the deficiency based on orthophoto application. .

Feature 2: Tilting image can realize the application of single image measurement through supporting software. It can directly measure the height, length, area, angle and slope based on the result image, and expand the application of tilt photography technology in the industry.

Feature 3: The side texture of the building can be collected for various 3D digital urban applications. The characteristics of large-scale mapping using aerial photography, combined with the method of batch extraction and texture from oblique images, can effectively reduce the cost of urban 3D modeling.

Feature 4: Small amount of data is easy to be published. Compared with 3D GIS technology, the amount of data acquired by tilt photography is much smaller. The data format of the image can be quickly released by mature technology. To achieve shared applications.

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