Which video resources are more? Interpretation of the contents of the seven licensees

In fact, the licensee refers to the “Internet TV licensee” and it originates from a notice from the SARFT:

On August 14, 2009, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television officially issued a notice on strengthening the management of Internet audio-video program services that use television as a receiving terminal. The notice requires that if the manufacturer provides audiovisual program services to television terminal users through Internet connection of electronic products such as televisions or set-top boxes, it shall obtain TV sets according to the provisions of the Internet audio-visual program service management regulations and Internet-based information network communication audio-visual program management measures. Audiovisual program licenses are distributed on the information network for the reception of audiovisual program integration operations of terminals.

Don't dizzy, Xiao Bian translates: All devices that access the Internet and use online content must obtain Internet TV licenses. Therefore, there are seven companies, each of whom collected Dragon Ball, and successfully obtained seven unique licenses from the SARFT, which the world called “seven licensees.”

The seven license plates are simply a drop in the bucket for the numerous box-equipment manufacturers on the market. Unlicensed box vendors either go underground illegally or they cooperate with licensees. Therefore, the licensees also created a "good friend" relationship with the manufacturers.

Then, what are the characteristics of the “good friends” that these seven box manufacturers rely on? Use a picture flow to tell you!

After reading this, do you already have a more intuitive understanding of the respective advantages of the seven licensees? According to this map, everyone may consider the resources of the licensee when buying a smart TV or TV box.

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