Don't mess around! Kitchen appliances are placed and used improperly.

With the development of science and technology, more and more electrical products have entered our home life, and we are increasingly inseparable from electrical appliances. Although electrical products make our lives more convenient and exciting, safe use of electricity is the most important thing. weight. There are many types of kitchen appliances, so be careful when placing them, otherwise it will lead to accidents. Especially when installing the whole kitchen, it is necessary to put all kinds of electrical appliances into the whole kitchen cabinet. If it is placed improperly, the electrical appliance will cause a safety accident because it is difficult to dissipate heat. And some electrical appliances that are in service in the kitchen are also suffering from various hidden dangers.
In order to prevent the aging of the electrical appliance and accidents, pay attention to the following points during the decoration process: when placing the oven into the whole cabinet, a special high-temperature resistant electrical cabinet must be used, because the temperature of the oven is very high, and when the refrigerator is placed in the kitchen cabinet, Consider whether the refrigerator is embedded or independent. The difference between them is mainly in the heat dissipation mode. The freestanding refrigerator is cooled on both sides and behind the box. The embedded refrigerator has cabinet panels on both sides, so the heat dissipation can only be carried out from the back of the box. This must be taken into consideration when designing the cabinet. When installing, it is necessary to reserve 10-20 cm of heat dissipation space. There should also be proper space behind the refrigerator to avoid direct bonding with the wall surface. In addition, the location of various kitchen appliances It is not advisable to be close to the cooktop, nor should it be too close to the sink, so as to avoid the line being accelerated by heat, or the electrical leakage due to splashed water.
The aging of kitchen appliances is an important cause of safety hazards. Any electrical equipment overdue service will have aging problems of components, and components and lines will be most likely to cause short circuits, which will cause fires. The normal service life of a gas stove is 8 years. If it is used overdue, it will not only cause short circuit problems, but also cause tempering, flameout, gas leakage, and cause serious accidents such as poisoning and explosion.
According to the after-sales service personnel of some enterprises, they will recommend the user to replace the electric appliance when the maintenance period is too long, but some users feel that they can use it as long as they can still operate. However, electrical equipment is not like clothing, sewing seams can be used, after the electrical appliance has reached a certain age, the aging of the overall components is very dangerous.
Kitchen appliances help us to make delicious dishes, but we must also pay attention to electrical maintenance when using them. Never let it be a safety hazard in our lives.


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