In the creative, hard-win future, the "2015 Freescale Intelligent Hardware Design Competition" exclusively sponsored by e-meeting

The "2015 Freescale Intelligent Hardware Design Competition", which is exclusively sponsored by e-Community, is a hardware creative design competition with industrial incubation effect. It is aimed at individuals or organizations nationwide, with the goal of promoting intelligent hardware innovation. Element14 and Freescale are The organizers of the design competition, Element14 and Freescale have been committed to providing the fastest and best service to the local innovation community. This competition will be a technical feast on intelligent hardware, which will give China's intelligent hardware industry. Development has far-reaching implications. Take action, support China's creation, and share the wisdom and innovation of smart hardware!

At present, the Internet of Things market is on the eve of the outbreak, and smart hardware is the fuse of its outbreak. The market needs diversified intelligent hardware devices to intelligently subvert traditional devices and intelligently subvert our lives. “2015 Freescale Intelligence The hardware design competition is just the right time. We invite e-creative geeks, college teachers and students, engineers and friends, and startup companies to participate in individual or team competitions. The organizers provide Freescale's development board for the contestants. For a period of 6 months, we will announce the final results in September 2015. Welcome to register!

Contest theme:

Intelligent subversion of everything

Contest Awards:

1. First prize - 1 bonus - RMB 10,000

2, 2 second prizes - each award of 5,000 yuan;

3, 3rd prizes - 2,000 yuan for each award;

Entry plan reference:

1. A device that can detect air quality, water quality and soil quality;

2, smart phone sets flat sets;

3, smart belt, smart shoes smart clothing;

4, smart backpack;

5. Smart devices for the elderly, pets and children;

6, smart toys, robots, etc.;

7. Intelligent gateway and audio equipment;

8, smart switch sockets, etc.;

9, security intelligent router

10, outdoor sports equipment such as smart watch bracelet GPS personal weather station hydrological tide detection, star image detection, geomagnetic lightning detection, etc.

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