ABB Robot Interpretation (7): IRB1600ID - Professional Arc Welding Robot

The ABB robot IRB 1600ID is an integrated design with all cables and hoses embedded in the upper arm of the robot , making it ideal for arc welding applications. This robotic cable package supplies all the media needed for arc welding, including power, wire, shielding gas and compressed air.

● Improve cable life prediction accuracy

The failure of the cable carried by the robot is one of the common reasons for the unexpected shutdown of the production line. With the IRB 1600ID, this type of shutdown can be minimized. The cable is embedded in the upper arm of the robot. By analyzing the cable action within a certain working cycle, the cable life can be accurately predicted.

● Expand the scope of work

The integrated design of the robot carrying the cable makes the external space occupied by the robot relatively small. When the shape of the welding fixture of the robot is very complicated, the design is equivalent to increasing the actual working range of the robot. Another highlight of this robot design is that when the robot collides with the fixture, it ensures that the embedded cable is safe.

● Simplify robot programming

The programming of traditional robots inevitably encounters "blind spots" because the cables carried by their robots are exposed and the motion path is difficult to predict. The programmer must use imagination to ensure that the accessories do not collide and interfere with other objects during the operation. The programming of the IRB 1600ID has no such concerns.

● Extend cable life

The cable carried by the robot is embedded in the upper arm of the robot to reduce cable swing and extend the life of the cable and cable jacket.

1, ABB robot IRB1600ID technical parameters

2, ABB robot IRB1600ID working range

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