Samsung S6 edge unloading eight pieces, unpacked for you!

The release of Samsung GALAXY S6 edge has attracted a lot of attention from the eye. This new feature of the new machine with the double-curved side screen design has become a hot topic. Now, iFixit, the famous dismantling website, has already disassembled the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge in the first time. For the first time, it reveals the internal structure of the machine and some of the components used. Next, let's take a look at what's special about this freshly baked Samsung hyperbolic side screen new machine.

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High maintenance difficulty




From the dismantling process of the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge, the "modular" of this Samsung mobile phone is doing well, so some components are easily replaced, but due to the special design on the edge of the touch screen, this not only makes the disassembly The solution becomes difficult and the replacement of the broken touch screen glass layer can result in complete damage to the display. In addition, according to iFixit, the battery of the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge is "close" on the back of the touch screen, so it takes a lot of effort to disassemble.





In this regard, iFixit believes that Samsung did not consider the repair problem when designing, especially the glass design on the front and back of the GALAXY S6 edge, making it difficult to ensure that the fragile casing is not damaged during the process of disassembling the back cover. At the same time, due to the complex internal structure of the machine, many special structures make DIY repair basically impossible. Finally, like the usual disassembly report, iFixit gave a 3-point performance (out of 10) for the machine's repairability, which means it will be a very difficult to repair model. In contrast, the Apple iPhone 6 has a fixable score of 7 points.

Internal chip secret




After the unloading of eight pieces, iFixit also showed us the models and manufacturers of the major components of the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge. Among them, the red part is the Samsung Exynos 7420 eight-core processor with 14nm process and Samsung K3RG3G30MM-DGCH 3GB LPDDR4 memory (unified package). As for the flash memory chip of the machine is the orange part, using the Samsung KLUBG4G1BD 32GB NAND flash memory.


As for the power management chip of the machine is the green part, Samsung's own products are used; and the yellow part is the Skyworks 78041 mixed multi-mode multi-band front module. In addition, the blue part may be an NFC controller, model number N5DDPS3, slightly different from the N5DDPS2 used by the Samsung GALAXY S6; as for the pink part, the InvenSense MPU-6500 gyroscope/accelerometer and the Samsung C2N89U with a suspected image processor .

The battery is more difficult to disassemble



Although the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge has two side screens, it is not difficult to remove the outer glass, and from the information seen after disassembly, the STMicroelectronics FT6BH touch screen controller is used. However, as mentioned earlier, due to the special design of the edge portion of the touch screen of the machine, replacing the broken touch screen glass layer may cause the display to be completely damaged.

It is worth noting that although the Samsung GALAX S6 edge uses a 2K resolution touch screen, the battery capacity is only 2600 mAh, and from the disassembly process, a large amount of super glue is used to bond to the touch. The back of the screen requires a force to remove, which means that the possibility of the user replacing the battery is very small.


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