New Year 4K Blu-ray Machine Market Welcomes First New Product Launched by Kai Bor in March

The leading brand in the domestic audio and video broadcasting industry, Kai Bor, has won praise from the market since the “10th Anniversary of the 10th Anniversary” and new product launch conference held on October 10 last year. The Q series of 4K Blu-ray players specially launched for the 10th Anniversary Conference has won praise from the market. Very popular with audiophiles!

(Photo: Kebor's 2016 tenth anniversary tenth anniversary conference wonderful review)

Today, Kaibor’s official exposure of a new promotional poster, marked with the opening of the 10th anniversary series of the opener Kabor, will release the first 4K Blu-ray player in 2017. The product model has not yet been revealed and will be launched in March!

(Figure: Kaiboer 2017 latest publicity poster)

Since the last release of Kaiboer’s new products, it has been several months since Kaibor’s latest publicity poster that “Long waited for” took a big toll on the three characters and announced to the broad masses of Kaibol fans that his new work will be on stage soon! In the picture, the example of “watching a movie in a movie theater” is used as an example. However, the screen on a movie theater screen is looming. Many rows of seats in a movie theater are waiting to be treated. It seems that they are telling a good show is coming soon!

At the same time, it also allows industry professionals to speculate that 4K Blu-ray player's originator Kai Bor’s first 4K Blu-ray player in 2017, or will be the main push applied to the theater, what 4K Blu-ray playback features have brought about innovation and promotion? It is still not known at this time that we can only wait for the official announcement of more new product introductions.

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