8K resolution: Hisense's new-generation ULED smart TV is officially released

April 12th, Hisense held a new conference in Beijing this afternoon and officially launched MU9800, MU9600, MU8600 and MU7000 four new series of ULED Internet TV.

Hisense's ULED technology can already be regarded as the third generation product this year. The new ULED 3.0 adopts the third generation high-color quantum dot technology. The integrated Hisense Hi-view chip can support hardware dynamic backlight control, and the screen can be divided into 600 The block is individually adjusted for contrast, with a screen brightness of up to 1200 nits and NTSC with a gamut of up to 106%.

In the performance of dynamic images, Hisense ULED 3.0 supports 120Hz MEMC motion image compensation technology, 20 synchronized backlight scanning, can make sports events and other motion images more clear and smooth.

The Hisense MU9800 is the top model in four new series. It adopts 8K resolution (76804320) and can intelligently interpolate low-resolution pictures. In addition, Hisense Hi-Sound stereo system also has a new floating picture frame design.

The MU8600 is available in 55- and 65-inch versions with a 4K resolution and a curved screen design with Hi-Sound audio.

The MU9600 can be seen as a streamlined version of the flagship MU9800 with a resolution reduced to 4K, but with a curved screen design, the appearance of the floating picture frame remains.

Hisense MU7000 series covers the sizes of 43, 50, 55, 58, 65, and 70, with 4K resolution and CNC diamond cut appearance.

In terms of content, Hisense ULED Internet TV has access to iQiyi, iCNTV, and Tencent video on the same basis as the original Chinese number. In terms of games, it supports Hisense somatosensory game peripherals.

At present, the conference is still in progress, the price of Hisense's new-generation ULED TV and the time to market have not yet been announced.

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