Crystal and lighting: to be a professional energy-saving lighting integrated operator

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Luo Shenghua] "I feel that the two-handed route does not work, the current lighting companies have two directions to go, one is to win by volume production, one is through custom The professional route makes the products better than the enemy." Chen Hao, president of China Energy Saving Crystal and Lighting Co., Ltd., said in an interview with a senior engineer.

As the leading provider of LED energy-saving lighting solutions in China, Jinghe Lighting was established in 2009 by Jinshajiang Venture Capital Fund. Its main products include LED street lights, tunnel lights and other outdoor and indoor lighting, in lighting, low thermal resistance design, heat dissipation. , the drive system and other aspects have a higher level.

“In recent years, the company has maintained a growth rate of 60%-80% every year. Last year, our sales reached 150 million. This year, we are expected to double on this basis.” Chen Hao said optimistically to reporters.

Chen Hao, President of China Energy Saving Crystal and Lighting Co., Ltd.

As far as the outdoor lighting market is concerned, as the product technology tends to be stable, the overall street lamp market has been transformed from the previous spelling technology to the price-performance service. In response to changes in the market, the positioning of crystal and lighting is very clear--to be an integrated operator of domestic professional energy-saving lighting.

"The production of large-scale products, to seize the terminal market at low prices is the survival mode of most production-oriented enterprises. For us, because we mainly take the high-quality product customization route. Combine our development path and make a service. A type of business may be more suitable for us," Chen said.

It is understood that the integrated operator mainly includes two concepts of integrator and operator.

At the beginning of its establishment, Jinghe Lighting mainly positioned itself as the manufacturer of the lamps, and as the market demand changed, Jinghe Lighting turned its target to become an integrator.

"Now we are not just lighting, we also do system solutions, such as intelligent control system solutions." Chen Wei said that intelligence is a future development trend, Jinghe has been carried out three years ago. The development of the corresponding products has now been applied to some engineering projects such as tunnel lights and street lights.

As we all know, the process of forming a luminaire into a transaction involves all aspects of R&D, production, and sales. The life cycle of current LED products is relatively short. During the season change, the market is unable to digest excess products, which leads to inventory pressure. This has a great impact on the enterprise, and it has also led many R&D companies to be unsustainable.

The future direction of Jinghe Lighting is to find some growth-oriented enterprises with R&D capabilities in the industry, and to support them and share scientific research results. Thereby effectively avoiding the above risks.

In terms of operations, it mainly refers to changes in operating models, which mainly include the extensive use of new operating modes such as EMC and PPP. It is understood that EMC will be a key operating mode for crystal and lighting in the future.

"Contract energy management is only a concept before, but it will be a focus of the company's future development. At present, the company has several such projects, and it is estimated that 20%-25% of the company's business will come from contract energy management." Chen Yu said.

However, for the EMC model, due to the complexity of the intermediate links and the difficulty of returning funds, it often leads to bankruptcy in the middle of the project. To this trouble, Chen Yu explained that to do a good job, EMC must have three necessary conditions, product quality is guaranteed; cost can be effectively controlled; choose the right customer.

Crystal and lighting have strict requirements on product quality, and there is also an effective planning in cost control. For customer choice, Chen Wei said: "Fund security is a decisive factor that limits EMC's success." Therefore, Jinghe Lighting will mainly target its customers in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin, Chengdu and Jiangxi.

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