Design Scheme of Intelligent Tour Guide System Based on Android Platform

Abstract: In order to improve the level of tourism informatization, a design and implementation of an intelligent tour guide system based on the Android platform are proposed. First, it introduces the hierarchical framework of the Android system and studies the hardware platform of the intelligent tour guide system, and gives the overall hardware platform framework and module design of the system. On this basis, the application software of the system was developed based on Android SDK2.1. The software functional modules are mainly divided into tourist information management, multimedia applications, and electronic maps, and the functions and interfaces of each module are analyzed and designed in detail. Test results show that the system is easy to operate, friendly interface, and has good scalability and maintainability.

0 Preface

With the promotion of building a well-off society in an all-round way and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, tourism has become an industry with great potential for development. However, the current level of informatization in China's tourism industry is low, and the level of tourism product development is low. The management of tour guides by tour guides still rests on relying on group flags and megaphones to lead the tour group members. Attractions and tour groups overlap and the environment is noisy. In the context of the widespread use of intelligent embedded systems, the development of intelligent tour guide systems with good user experience, convenient file management, and support for various multimedia functions and network applications has become a reality, and foreign countries have combined with artificial intelligence technology based on geographic location Tour guide system that automatically plays multimedia.

Existing smart tour guide system platforms are diverse, mainly including WinCE and Linux. The use of WinCE requires Microsoft's authorization, and the implementation cost is very high; Android system itself is an open source project, the source code can be obtained for free, compared to WinCE, choose Android platform To realize the intelligent guide system can greatly reduce the system cost. In addition, the Android operating system is based on Linux2.6 kernel, with high stability and good portability. The application development language is Java, which has good scalability and is convenient for software upgrades and maintenance. In addition, the system itself provides very rich UI components, so it is possible to design good interactive system applications. In addition, Google provides the Google API to support the Android system to run applications such as Google maps, which greatly facilitates application development.

This study proposes an intelligent tour guide system based on the Android platform.

1 Introduction to the Android operating system

The Android operating system was released by Google in 2007 and is an intelligent operating system specifically for mobile platforms. Android system software hierarchical structure includes operating system, middleware, user interface and application program, and its hierarchical block diagram is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Android software hierarchy

Figure 1 Android software hierarchy

The bottom layer is the Linux2.6 kernel. The Android system relies on it to provide core services, such as: process management, memory management, network protocol stack implementation, hardware drivers, and security services.

The library and operating environment include some C / C ++ libraries, which can be used by different components in the Android system. The core libraries are: system C library, media library, graphics library (SGL, 3D Libraries), database (SQLite). The core libraries are optimized for embedded applications.

The application layer framework provides a variety of system services such as various view components, content providers, resource managers, activity managers, etc., to facilitate the development of interactive applications.

2 Intelligent tour guide system platform design

The system hardware platform uses the ARM platform, and the CPU uses Samsung ’s S3C6410A. The S3C6410A is an ARM11 core with an intelligent energy manager, low power consumption, and ARM Jazelle (R) technology to effectively support embedded Java execution. In addition, the S3C6410A has a main frequency of 533 MHz and can run the Android system smoothly.

The LCD touch screen uses NEC's 4.3 ″ touch LCD screen with a resolution of 480 & TImes; 272, which fully meets the requirements of the tour guide system.

The Android kernel version ported by the system is Android 2. 1.

Fig. 2 Intelligent tour guide system platform frame design

Figure 2 Intelligent tour guide system platform framework design.

The intelligent tour guide system accesses the Internet through Wifi, and realizes the function of electronic map through the data provided by Google maps. The Wifi module uses Marvell 8686, which is connected to the S3C6410 through the SDIO interface.

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