High-speed / high-precision video DAC chip CS7123

The CS7123 chip is a high-speed / high-precision video DAC chip independently designed by Shenzhen Xinhai Technology Co., Ltd. It includes three 10-bit current steering DACs with a maximum sampling speed of 240MHz. The block diagram of CS7123 is shown in Figure 1. It includes three high-speed, 10-bit input video DA converters, a standard TTL input, and a complementary output high-impedance analog output current source. It has three independent 10-bit input ports and can work with a single power supply of 5V or a single power supply of 3.3V.

The CS7123 also has two additional video control signals, the SYNC synchronization signal and the BLANK black level control signal. The CS7123 also has a standby mode. The CS7123 is manufactured using a 5V CMOS process, and the monolithic CMOS structure ensures low power consumption performance. The main function of CS7123 is to convert three RGB signals into analog RGB signals and output them to the display screen for display. In addition, it can also be used as three separate DACs.

Figure 1: CS7123 structural block diagram

CS7123 is compatible with a variety of high-precision display systems, including RS-343A and RS-170, and can be widely used in HDTV, digital video systems (1600 & TImes; 1200 @ 100Hz), high-resolution color pictures, digital RF modulation, and image processing , Medical ultrasound equipment, video signal reproduction, etc.

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